Compensating the wrongly convicted: a comparative study between Saudi Arabia and the US

The research proposal should reflect the research which is a comparative study between compensating the wrongly convicted in both Saudi Arabia and the US. The research proposal paper must include the following: title, introduction, research questions, and Literature review, research Methodology, bibliography. The literature review must show how knowledgable the writer is about the subject and it must include articles, journals, statues, laws, and cases. Both systems must be compared on the same things. The main aim of the research is to conduct a better system regarding the issue, we must find the defects in both systems and how can we fix them as well as the positivities in both systems regarding the issue and how can we use them. The information mentioned must be adequate, accurate, updated, liable, and related. No plagiarism, the course is a research course so I expect a professionally written proposal regarding the information and the the format. The introduction must have an element of an attention grabber so the reader gets interested about the research. The research methodology is the qualitative method and the discerption of that point must be written as a paragraph. The research questions must be written carefully because they are the questions that the research is going to answer.
The information mentioned about the two systems must be equal.

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