Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: English 2.A sex crime varies by legal jurisdiction and culture meaning different acts concerning sex could be categorized as sex crimes depending on where someone

Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: English 2.

A sex crime varies by legal jurisdiction and culture meaning different acts concerning sex could be categorized as sex crimes depending on where someone commits them (Howard, 12). Every society has the right to be protected from sex offenders, especially for the families with children. Sex offenders who molest children leave them with permanent emotional damage, images that could never be taken from the kids head (O’Brian, 6). Living among such people can be quite challenging for communities and for such reasons the law requires that sex offenders be tracked after leaving jail. This law provides that everyone charged as a sex offender is permanently entered into a sex offender registry of that particular state. This makes these offenders chances of having a normal life impossible, even after serving their time (Petteruti &amp. Walsh, 14). However, most teen offenders usually commit these crimes when they are very young some from around 13 years of age, and at such a tender name they receive lifetime labels as sex offender. Such are robbed of a normal life that they could have led and given a life that was not meant to be theirs. this is quite unfair (Weill,22). Where one resides should be their business only, unfortunately, this is not a privilege that sex offenders get to have. This is information that everyone can access at any sex offender registry. …

People stalk them, branding them as criminals who are out to get their kids. Five years ago, Juan Marcelo did something stupid, something he that haunts him up date. He groped a 15-year-old girl, a friend’s daughter. The 20-something Californian was put behind bars for thirteen months, given a five year probation and required by the law to post a large sign on his front yard that reads: ‘Beware, a registered sex offender resides here’. Marcelo (not his real name) claims he has gotten used to random people driving past his house shouting rude insults. He has also grown used to the neighborhood kids stealing this sign and fixing it on other neighbors’ lawns as a joke. However, what truly bugs him, he says, is the permanent inclusion in the California’s sex offender registry, where anybody in the whole world can be able to download his name, the charges he was convicted for, his home address and even his mug shot. Instead of getting a new start after serving his term in jail, which is his right since he paid for his crimes, the online registry has began haunting him. Recently one of his co-workers at the construction company which he works for came up to him, asking him about his ‘secret’ after he had seen his name on the site. He was shocked, embarrassed and even thought of quitting his job, as he later narrated. Now every time he sees two people talking at work he wonders if they’re talking about him. He says he’s only waiting to see what happens when his supervisor finds out (McNamara, 26). Posts that must be put in every household with a sex offender Having a social life is a very important part of modern day routine. it also affects hugely ones health.

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