Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Knowledge Management System.Download file to see previous pages… A Knowledge Management System (KMS) is often viewed to be a specially computerized designed sys

Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Knowledge Management System.

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A Knowledge Management System (KMS) is often viewed to be a specially computerized designed system that largely supports the generation, storage and broadcasting of information by a greater level. It is a well processed central processing system and a kind of well structured arrangement which offers huge figure of tools to find the answers of different questions quickly. It is worth mentioning that information technology (IT) is used in the KMS arrangement for conducting free flow of knowledge. This field has become quite popular in recent days. The main reason behind this is the advent of internet. KMS refers to an enhanced IT system that generally stores and retrieves knowledge, improves collaboration, locates related knowledge sources and uses knowledge. Basically, technology enhances the capabilities of KMS at large. The importance of knowledge in business organization is incessantly becoming much which is ultimately making the mangers to think utilizing technology in their respective KMS. It helps for the knowledge generation, codification and the transfer of knowledge. A few of the examples of knowledge management service providers include Cobble Soft International Ltd., ePath Learning, Knowledge Powered Solutions, KANA Software, Inc. and Overtone Software. KMS actually smoothes the flow of communication transfer. Any sort of information can be retrieved with the use of KMS. Knowledge management process requires well defined process of architecture for generating, storing, organizing, reviewing of knowledge. Today, economy is getting benefits from the contemporary communication and information technologies in terms of mounting the competence of the businesses globally by exchanging knowledge and ideas within the organizations (Maier, 2004). Globalization increases the communication between the organizations with the introduction of newer information technology involvement in KMS. Certain large organizations such as Ernst &amp. Young and Andersen Consulting have been viewed to exploit innovative technology in their respective KMS. They have developed a number of techniques for the purpose of codification in the last five years (Hansen, 1999). The different activities along with the supporting procedures relating to the execution of technology especially in KMS can be better understood with the help of the following graphical representation. Source: (Nevo, 2003) With this concern, this paper intends to discuss about the technological aspect relating to KMS. Various aspects like the role of technology particularly in KMS, challenges along with critiques regarding this particular subject matter and valuable recommendations to mitigate those challenges will also be discussed in the paper. Role of Technology in KMS The increasing complexity of the business organization needs a process by which the knowledge can be transferred to anywhere in a faster way. Knowledge can now be seen as a factor of production. In this similar context, KMS has been introduced in business with the combination of information technology for a faster access (Rollett, 2003). The role of information technology especially in the arena of KMS not only lies on strategy implementation but also upon strategy formation as well.

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