Complete 15 page APA formatted essay: Gulfstream G650 Maintenance: Control of maintenance expenses.Download file to see previous pages… In such situation, aviation is left with the sole option of co

Complete 15 page APA formatted essay: Gulfstream G650 Maintenance: Control of maintenance expenses.

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In such situation, aviation is left with the sole option of controlling the cost of maintenance. The other major costs such as fuel cost remains beyond the organization’s control. This report has attempted to shed light on the capabilities and strategies pursued by Gulfstream Aerospace to minimize their operation and maintenance cost and remains profitable in the marketplace. The key findings of the study are that the company uses shared leadership strategy so as to drive innovation in the organization. It has been also found that Gulfstream Aerospace has a mechanical organizational structure. However, to gain better control the company has been strongly recommended to pursue lateral organization structure. In addition, more emphasis on the e-commerce strategy will also help in serving the purpose. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Aspects of Leadership 4 Organizational Design 5 Change and Innovations 8 Managerial Roles 9 Global Business Aspects 10 E-commerce and E-Business 11 References 14 Introduction Maintenance activities are considered to be one of the most predominant issues that administer the economics of production activities. Yet, the activity of maintenance is often relegated to the second rank and is even neglected by those who put more emphasis on the production and selling process (Singh, Motwani &amp. Kumar, 2000). In the narrow sense, productivity has been measured since several years, but maintenance activities being multi-disciplinary in nature with large number of outputs and inputs, the maintenance activities are therefore considered and measured holistically with an integrated approach. Liyanage &amp. Kumar (2003) articulate that with the increasing awareness of maintenance activities and discovering the fact that it adds value to the business process. organizations around the world are treating maintenance issues and activities to be an integral part of the business. For a number of industries, maintenance costs accounts for a significant portion of the overall operational cost. Reports have suggested that maintenance activities nearly 20-50% of the production cost. However, the percentage differs according to the nature and type of the business (Wireman, 2007). The author also enumerated that reduction of the maintenance cost is equivalent to increasing sales. Hence, the above facts and data make it evident that control of maintenance expenses is one of the vital tasks of the company. In order to address the issue of maintenance expenses, this study has considered Gulfstream Aerospace, a Georgia based Aviation Company. Gulfstream G650 is a product of the company and will be used to cover the subject of study. In doing so, the areas that will be covered are the different aspects of leadership style and how leadership style impacts in reducing the maintenance cost of a firm. Other areas such as organizational design, change and innovation, the managerial roles will be also covered. Lastly, the research paper will shed light on the global business aspect i.e. what strategy is being pursued by the global aviation industry to minimize and gain control over the maintenance cost. Aspects of Leadership In this section the researcher will describe how leadership aspects of Gulfstream has helped the company to control maintenance expenses and increase overall cost effectiveness of the value chain.

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