Complete 17 page APA formatted essay: Analysis and Interpretation of the Research Data.Download file to see previous pages… 4.2 Respondent’s Profiles Following is the detailed discussion on the pr

Complete 17 page APA formatted essay: Analysis and Interpretation of the Research Data.

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4.2 Respondent’s Profiles Following is the detailed discussion on the profiles of the respondents that participated in the research and supported to collect data through different means i.e., questionnaire, interviews and focus groups. 4.2.1 Profile of Teachers Surveyed The perspective view of the teaching staff at Willowbrook Primary School regarding the issue of student’s behavior and discipline is of prime importance for this study as the teachers have a direct impact on behavior and its management. Thus these views need to be analyzed. In coordination with the school management, in order to to gain valuable teacher and carer knowledge, sentiment and experience associated with behaviour issues, a questionnaire was developed and distributed to 20 in-school teachers responsible for children ranging from five years of age to 11 years. The questionnaires were completed in the free time of the teachers without compromising their primary teaching and classroom management responsibilities. The objectives of the research were explained prior to handing over the questionnaire. However, of the 20 questionnaires distributed, 17 were returned and/or deemed valid based on required completeness. Another attempt was made to collected the data from the remaining staff. however, these were not returned. The purpose of the questionnaire was gain information on opinion of the teaching staff on aspects of student’s behaviour and strategies for the behaviour management at primary level. The profile of the respondents is shown below in table 4.1. Total Number of Staff Number of Teachers Surveyed Males Females Percentage of Teaching Staff Surveyed 20 17 7 10 85 Table 1 : Profile of Teaching Staff Surveyed Figure 1 : Percentage of Teaching Staff Surveyed Figure 2 : Gender Distribution of Teaching Staff Surveyed Besides the questionnaire, a total of six teachers were also interviewed, which included three teachers having experience of 10 years or more, one more than 5 years while two having experience less than 1 year. Figure 3 : Experience of Teachers Interviewed 4.2.2 Profile of Students Surveyed Six students of age ranging between six to eleven years, representing equal proportion of both males and females, were interviewed as part of the survey. The students were selected because it was deemed important to get their views on the discipline in schools and its management. The students were selected based on their age and developmental stage enabling them to provide reasonable and clear responses to the interview questions. The students were selected based on the advice of school management. The parental content was sought prior to conducting the interview. The responses of students during the interview have been made part of this study and were handed over to school management to continue with the study. The interview mainly focused in determining the student’s perspective on effectiveness of reward and punishment system and the role of teachers in managing the classroom behavior. Age of Students Surveyed Number of Students Surveyed Males Females 6 to 11 6 3 3 Table 2 : Profile of Students Surveyed Figure 4 : Gender Distribution of Students Surveyed 4.2.3 Profile of Parents Surveyed Although parents have no direct role in management of classroom and student’s behavior at school, they do play a major contributory and supportive role.

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