Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Opinion about any FORTUNE 500 company and examine its CSR strategy.Download file to see previous pages… Based on the contribution of all the stakeholders towards

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Opinion about any FORTUNE 500 company and examine its CSR strategy.

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Based on the contribution of all the stakeholders towards the success of their organization, managers should ensure that they adopt CSR that are beneficial to all parties (Bhattacharya et al, 2008). This paper seeks to examine CSR strategies adopted by Walmart, the US largest supermarket. Walmart is a multinational firm operating more than 10,750 stores. With annual revenue of approximately $469 billion, the company has been recognized as a fortune 500 firm. Due to the large number of branches that the company has established in the international market, it is clear that it has a significant impact on the world natural resources as well as global environment. To address major issues as far as corporate social responsibilities for the company is concerned. Walmart has divided its activities into four key areas. These include environmental responsibilities, social responsibilities, local responsibilities and company responsibilities. Environmental responsibilities Being headquartered in Bentonville US, Walmart competitive position has not been attained just based on its wide product portfolio and quality brands but also its objective of promoting energy conservation. One of the notable CSR programs that the company adopted in 2005 in its effort to reduce its impact on the global climate was the sustainability program. This entailed making all its stores eco-friendly by ensuring that it reduced the greenhouse gasses emitted by the stores (Charles, 2006). Other strategies that the company initiated within its stores included installation of solar panels, purchasing of wind energy and adoption of fuel saving technologies in its transport system. As a result of these strategies, the company has significantly reduced the cases of illnesses due to pollution especially in its neighborhoods. Thus sustainability program is an effective initiative that the Walmart Company should continue to uphold. Another aspect that has been initiated by the company is the use of recyclable bags that its consumers can use regularly. In this way, land fill wastes have been effectively reduced. Social responsibilities Based on the need to improve the financial position of its customers, Walmart is focused at empowering women by providing them with investment skills. For example, the company has established Walmart foundation, an initiative that trains more than 1 million women on career opportunities and how to create self employment (Nelson, 2009). In my opinion, this is an effective CSR strategy. This is based on the fact that women are major consumers of Walmart products. Thus by making them earn higher income, they will have significant purchasing power thus making them purchase more from the store. Local responsibility Walmart Company has adopted various programs that include school nutrition as well as offering disaster relief. With the current changes in the style of consumption globally, consumers have been affected by various illnesses that have attracted the attention of health care providers. As a major initiative, Walmart has recently established a five year plan that is focused at reducing unhealthy levels of sugars and fats in its brands by 25% while salts will reduce by 10%. Additionally, the plan is focused at reducing the prices of vegetables and fruits in order to make them affordable.

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