Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 Let me not to the marriage of true minds.Download file to see previous pages… He talked about true love only, the words True Min

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 Let me not to the marriage of true minds.

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He talked about true love only, the words True Mind in his sonnet represents that he is talking about truth, not about the physical elements of love. He says that any love which alters with time is not a true love. Symbolism can be done through color and objects in the poems. Sonnet 116 is a famous work of Shakespeare. It was published in 1609. This is not different than other traditional work of Shakespeare. He writes a lot about love, even in this sonnet he challenged people that if love is nothing then it means a human being is never loved in any form. He is a great supporter of love and peace. He talks about the existence of true love. According to him true love is not the one which changes its shape with time, it can alter it frequencies only but not its essence. The sonnet 116 is not an emotional work but it is a careful one. The emotions are controlled, the sonnet is not emotional but the tone is quite mature and careful. According to philosophers, sonnet 116 has universal significance because it is an intelligent work. Shakespeare used imagery, metaphor elements, personification and essence in his sonnets. His work is antithesis, he writes freely. It takes a lot consideration and deep attention to understand his work. The words are expressed openly and sometimes seem meaningless unless an effort is not put to understand them. The order of writing is scattered. In most of the Sonnets Shakespeare talked about some lady, sometimes by making imagery of dark eyes and sometimes by making imagery of rosy lips as he did in Sonnet 116. According to the imagery point of view, the language is not very clear or appreciable. The metaphoric elements are very vague. He presented love as a guideline to life, but the metaphors are very complicated. Nor no man and wandering bark are the examples of vague symbolism. The time attack is very prominent in the sonnet 116. The poet wrote that “love alters not with his brief hours and week” and he wrote “Love’s not Time’s Fool”. This means that he is talking about past, present and future, he is taking love as guideline of life which is there in heart in all time periods. The poet does not give any importance of physical appearance and beauty. according to him love is much more than that. He wrote love is not a foolish act of time whereas rosy lips are temporary. Every-fixed marked is referred to the sea light in the sea for the help of the sea ships. The poet is symbolizing the love with a star that’s worth unknown because star’s distance cannot be measured and so thus the size of the star. Edge of doom refers to the doomsdays and poet tries to say that everyone has to die but do not die without love. Must enjoy the merrily situation of love and true marriage. The symbolism elusiveness is very much in attendance in the very first language. He might have talked about the hindrances/impediments firstly and then about the marriage. The poet is symbolizing that the marriage of true mind lacks when there is no love present between two hearts. Sex element is no doubt strong in the writing but it is a division of love, it is temporary or momentary. According to the poet, any marriage which takes place when there are true spirits involved in the one which lasts forever. No time and trouble can challenge the strongest of the bond of marriage. The poet described both the conditions when love exists and when love does not exist. According to him, a successful love does not forget its true direction even in stormy weather and lost ways, he used imagery of wandering barks which are lost ships.

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