Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Hybrid system.Download file to see previous pages… The recommendations were also included and this is where the researcher attempted to offer some suggestions of

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Hybrid system.

Download file to see previous pages…

The recommendations were also included and this is where the researcher attempted to offer some suggestions of providing an improved or well-designed hybrid system. Lastly, the conclusion provided a brief summary of what was covered in the research, and suggestion for further studies in determining the impact of hybrid systems to heat a home and also the challenges it poses in to vendors. Hybrid System Introduction Hybrid system is a modern innovative technology that combines test and measurements components from modular instrumental platforms. Hybrid systems arise when the continuous and discrete dynamics interact. this occurs especially when most high-tech systems where logic based components, fixed controllers and digital networks combine. Hybrid systems are becoming increasing common, but they are complex technologies. hence a need for the development of effective hybrid system models. This model will offer an analysis and assess the design of the system whereby logic based elements and continuous system processes interact. For the last decades, the study of hybrid systems has increasingly become the major concerning aspects in field research. System developers have made significant efforts of combining tests and measurements from modular instruments platforms, but they face significant challenges. The major challenge is advancing and systematizing the knowledge about hybrid systems, which comes from such a large diverse fields. However, with increased computer technology, system developers or engineers have made significant efforts of producing a continuous and discreet system that are more economical. Purpose The purpose of hybrid system as a modern technology is that it combines with both furnace and heat pump to heat a home at fewer costs. The hybrid systems are more economical because they can heat pump, which can heat a home at low temperatures and for less cost. it is also economical because the furnace can heat home for fewer costs. Hybrid systems are also used to model varied system such as physical systems, logic dynamic controller and also Internet congestion. Many consumers are familiar with the hybrid term, which combines electric and fuel in order to perform well. however, design developers have developed hybrid systems which reduce heating expenses during the winter season and they also keep home comfortable because they are economical. Discussions The research topics of hybrid systems have attracted the interest of many people including the mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers. One of the major arguments about this modern technology is that it is viewed as a dynamical system. hence, it should be considered as a hybrid system in case it deals with purely continuous or purely discrete invent system without ignoring significant phenomenon. Yang, Jiang and Cocquempot (2010, p. 45) argue that the term continuous and discrete are depending on the range of signals, but not with respect to time through which such signal are defined. However, this does not clearly define what hybrid system is all about. thus many theories have been implemented to elaborate on the issue of continuous and discrete systems. The hybrid system has posed a great challenge for many years until the recent when the combination of continuous and discreet was implemented to offer the clear meaning of hybrid systems.

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