Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Structure of Homeland Security.Download file to see previous pages… The paper sheds light on what aspects of U.S response people feel have been successful and ef

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Structure of Homeland Security.

Download file to see previous pages…

The paper sheds light on what aspects of U.S response people feel have been successful and effective, and those that have been less effective or counter-productive. How did 9/11 attack affect your sense of security? Reactions from respondents show that people feel insecure after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Unexpectedness amplifies fear of terrorist attacks. This makes people feel highly vulnerable to similar terrorist attacks. People who were in the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were caught unawares by the attack and so many lost their lives to the deadly act. Memories of the massive loss of lives and damage of property are still vivid in the minds of people (Barkun, 2011). Despite the government’s efforts in reassuring and guaranteeing the safety of its citizens, many cannot help doubting the possibility of a repeat. What is your perception of the US government towards 9/11 attack? The government of the United States of America responded quickly to the attack. Provisions and amendments that will help curb future terrorist attacks on America are some of the initial government responses. Such included interception of communication between suspected individuals. This extended to telephone calls and other devices of communication including computer. Subsequently, America invaded Afghanistan and this war has continued for a long time since it begun. America also launched a global campaign against terrorists and terrorism, leading to the subsequent invasion of Iraq (Viotti, et. al., 2008). Most significantly, the Homeland Security emerged to protect American citizens against terrorist attacks. Many respondents applaud these responses by the government. They are confident that these efforts are for the good of all American citizens. The creation of the Homeland Security Department stands out. The respondents confirmed that thanks to the department, they are more assured of security and safety on their soil. The sight of officers checking all terminals of transport, and more so in airports, reminds them of the government’s commitment to protect them (Barkun, 2011). There have been reservations with America’s decision to take on Afghanistan and Iraq marking them as the primary breeding grounds for terrorists and terrorism. Although some respondents acknowledge that many of the terrorists come from these countries, they hold that to a considerable extent, America has overreacted. So many lives perish in the wars. Opponents believe that this loss is not necessary. They move that these reactions are extreme and amount to counter-terrorism (White, 2012). It follows that there are innocent victims of these wars suffering the same fate as their American counterparts. Is ‘war on terror’ a suitable term? Many respondents felt the war on terrorism is an appropriate term. Terror need not be coming from a country on to another. It can originate from individuals or groups either within or outside the country. Reaction to terrorist attacks can as well be described as fight (or war) against terrorism. Nevertheless, they are adamant that even if all nations came together, it is quite impossible to eliminate terrorism. Curbing terrorism is rather possible, and government efforts so far have succeeded significantly.

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