Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: From 3 papers provided pick 3 unreliable narrators and first discuss how or why they are unreliable, then compare and/or contras.Download file to see previous page

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: From 3 papers provided pick 3 unreliable narrators and first discuss how or why they are unreliable, then compare and/or contras.

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This is hinged on the untrustworthiness of the source of information. In most of the cases, the narrator is an individual with addictions or personal issues that they are yet to effectively comprehend. This will be exemplified by the three classical texts that I will endeavor to employ in the illustration of the nature of an unreliable narrator. These three texts are “Emergency” by Denis Johnson, “Off” by Aimee Bender and “Beach” by Roberto Bolano. Each text would be analyzed on its own while illustrating the flaws of the narrators who are rendering them unreliable. Subsequently, a comparison of the traits of all these three authors will be made. Finally, the authors will be contrasted with each other. The first text that I am going to analyze is “Emergency” by Denis Johnson. The realization that the central character is known as Fuckhead immediately confirms the theory of an unreliable narrator. I am of the opinion that once a story is narrated by an individual called Fuckhead, all reliability and trust is thrown out of the window. This is further compounded by the fact that the narrator is a constant drug abuser. As such, his account of events is suspect. Additionally, the narrator’s friend is also a drug abuser called Georgie. This friend, we are told he steals pills from the cabinet at the hospital and also comes to work drunk. If this is the nature of friends the narrator entertains, then I can conclude that he can only be akin to Georgie. a drunkard and an addict. The narrator’s constant drug use is illustrated when he gives a description of the nature of drugs he took from Georgie (Johnson, 274). This constant use of drugs results incoherent and at times incomplete information. This is further coupled with incidences of clear hallucinations. This is best exemplified in the event when the two were driving aimlessly and stated hallucinating about winter. This is contrary to the setting of the text which is clearly in summer. The core feature that I wish to elucidate is the manner in which the unreliable narrator is able to see other individuals as the ones with the problems. They are apparently blind to their own shortcomings. In this instance, Fuckhead thinks that he is different from Georgie. He perceives Georgie as the social misfit. As such, this unreliable narrator is hypocritical in nature. However, in the end, the narrator comes to an awakening. He realizes that he is not actually different from his friend. This is line with storylines with unreliable narrators who more often than not come to an awakening at the end. The second text is “Off” by Aimee bender. This story is set in a party. It is about an obnoxious girl who endeavors to kiss three different men by the end of the night. The narrator assumes the personality of the girl. The goal of kissing three different men by the end of the night is, according me, a rather trivial attempt to justify her existence. Just like Fuckhead in “Emergency”, she adopts the notion that she is okay and it is the rest of the people that are wrecked emotionally. This is best exemplified by her remark that her paintings were somewhat extraordinary and that she was by far the prettiest woman in the party. Her attempts to validate herself are further confirmed by her frequent jealousy of other woman at the party. Her actions bring out her materialistic and cynical nature. The narrator just like Fuckhead is judgmental and blind to their misgivings.

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