Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Ideal Client.Download file to see previous pages… It is essential to exhibit these qualities during the engagement phase. The engagement phase involves forming a

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Ideal Client.

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It is essential to exhibit these qualities during the engagement phase. The engagement phase involves forming a collaborative partnership with the service users to address mutually defined needs (Cournoyer, 2010, p. 13). I also put value on the ability of a social worker to listen to my concerns and to be non-judgmental. This gives me a sense that I am fully accepted and embraced. It consequently encourages me to express my views and innermost concerns without the fear of being judged. Social workers exhibit concern and acceptance when they say, “express your feelings and thoughts without fear, as our relationship is founded on trust and understanding.” It would also be beneficial for me to have a social worker who I can consider as a friend instead of a professional who is simply performing his/her job. The findings of the study conducted by Beresford, Croft, and Adshead (2008) indicated that other service users similarly value friendship in their relationship with the social workers. They associate reciprocity, as well as flexible professional boundaries as characteristics which are related to friendship. According to Day (1981, p. 36), the emphasis, which service users put on the qualities of their social workers, reflects their appreciation to the intangible aspect of the relationship. Cournoyer (2010, p. 13) further added that regard, authenticity, professionalism along with sympathy are commonly exhibited by service workers to users. Social workers express these characteristics in a different manner according to the circumstances of the service users. Researchers define empathy as the ability of social workers to put themselves into the shoes of the service users. As a service user, I want the social worker to fully grasp my situation. However, I do not want a social worker who over-identities my feelings in such a manner that he/she becomes too controlling or parental. This leads to the next essential characteristic commonly termed as regard. Regard refers to the attitude of being warm, non-possessive, and non-controlling. I want social workers to exhibit unconditional positive regard in spite of our differences in beliefs and values. Thus, it is essential for social workers to view each service user as inherently valuable and unique. They must also manifest authenticity or the sincerity and genuineness in their manner of relating. Lastly, it is essential for social workers to exhibit professionalism. It includes characteristics such as social support, integrity, ethical decision-making, and the like (Cournoyer, 2010, p. 13). However, Cournoyer (2010, p. 13) noted that demonstrating such qualities is inadequate to enable the service users to attain the agreed objectives in the relationship. Thus, it is necessary for social workers to supplement these qualities with their skill and expertise to help the service user’s progress. In addition, social workers must possess the ability to apply these qualities differently to various kinds of client (Cournoyer, 2010, p. 13). Findings of the study of Beresford et al. (2008) showed that service users highly value the skills and approach of the social workers. References Beresford, P., Croft, S., &amp. Adshead, L. (2008). We don’t see her as a social worker: A server user case study of the importance of the social worker’s relationship and humanity. The British Journal of Social Work. Cournoyer, B. R. (2010). The social work skills workbook.

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