Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Internet and Advertising.Download file to see previous pages… For the advertising of any product or service, the use of mass media is inevitable as it catches th

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Internet and Advertising.

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For the advertising of any product or service, the use of mass media is inevitable as it catches the huge audience. Advertisement is not at all a modern concept but it was there in ancient time though the forms were different. Mouth to mouth publicity had been one of the types of ancient advertising. People used to advertise with the use of papyrus, wall or rock paintings. After the advancement in print technology, the newspapers, journals and other printing material became popular means of advertising. The emergence of electronic media changed the entire structure of advertising. Radio followed by television became the major means of advertising. The more technological advancement took place with the advent of internet and the scope of advertising also expanded. Advertising as we know today has become very complicated with lots of creativity, and innumerable options of media. The major media used for advertising are print media and electronic media. In print media the major means of advertising are newspapers, magazines, hoardings, pamphlets, brochures, banners, posters etc. In electronic media advertising can be done through radio, television, mobiles, and internet. Scope of Internet: Internet is called as new media whereas rest of others are called conventional media. According to the marketing segments the company chooses the best option for advertising its product or service. The channel of media for advertising product also is decided by the type of audience. If the customers are gathered in a small Geographical area, TV, radio and other forms of print media can be effective to catch the consumers. It is because the television and radio are the representatives of the concerned community. The local companies have a wider scope for advertising their product on television. Television is definitely still the dominant medium of reaching maximum number of audience. It is because television has reached to everywhere, it has captured the villages as well as remote areas. Hence for catching homogeneous mass television, radio, newspapers are still dominant. But if the mass is dispersed geographically and if it belongs to the diverse cultures, the company has to think of an internet. If the product and service need to be promoted globally then there is no choice for internet advertising. Internet marketing has been spreading rapidly in all segments of the society. It is because the number of internet users is increasing day by day. So in near future internet will the first priority of the advertisers. In the phase of globalization the consumers are scattered all over the world, hence internet has become an effective way of reaching to them. In this paper the focus is given on internet advertising which has occupied significant amount of consumers. The advertisement medium is decided by what kind of product you are selling. If there is a question of advertising the agricultural related products, the conventional media will be more useful. Internet cannot work here. But again in the wide range of products how much percentage of products and services has been made for agricultural purpose. For how much product the target customer will be from agricultural or rural area? They are very few products. The number is comparatively less. Why internet advertisement is preferable? To support the argument of why internet is the best option for advertising, I would like to give you some data regarding the advertising revenue of internet.

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