Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Recreate class room.Download file to see previous pages… Teachers should design classrooms so that all children have an equal chance for learning and an opportun

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Recreate class room.

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Teachers should design classrooms so that all children have an equal chance for learning and an opportunity to be safe. In order to construct a classroom as described, teachers must think about their classrooms and about the different types of children that are present each year, and design a classroom that fits this group. Moore et al. (2010) suggest that in order for teachers to be able to work well with all students, they will also need to have tools to help them. A positive classroom environment also encourages students to interact with each other, ask questions, and be open to learning. Sapon-Shevin (2008) states that inclusion means not only including disabled students, but also providing space for different students so that they all feel valued and accepted. This research will examine the factors that are involved in recreating a classroom for students with many differences. Teachers must also be able to create a class where different cultures are respected and where different types of children are included. As examples, there may be Muslim families, Hispanic families, children from same-sex families and others who will be learning together in one space. The teacher’s job is to make sure that all these children are able to work collaboratively together in the same classroom. 5.1 Teachers Treat All Students Fairly and Establish an Environment that is Respectful, Supportive, and Caring An important aspect of treating students fairly is to use inclusive language. Inclusive language means that the teacher will use words that help the student understand that he or she is an important aspect of the class. Causton-Theoharis and Theoharis suggest that one way to do this is to make sure that special education students and disabled students are able to stay within a regular classroom. This means that they are not put into separate classrooms or separated from the other children. Also, students are treated well by the full school community and the district. This allows students to feel comfortable in the classroom and feel comfortable that the teachers and other staff in the school want them to be a part of the school. This also is important so that students with different abilities do not feel that they are isolated rather than included. 5.2 Teachers Create an Environment that is Physically and Emotionally Safe Another important aspect is for children to be involved in a classroom where materials are easily accessible and they can be used by all children in the classroom. The design of the classroom materials and the design of the classroom are welcoming and easy for all children to access. Books and materials should be bright and welcoming to children, and they should be at a level in the room where children can reach them easily. Rubenstein and Wilson (2011) add that classrooms must be engaging by providing children with challenges they can work with to create work together. Read (2010) suggests that children can be helpful in designing the classroom environment because they understand what they like to see. In a study that the author created it was found that circles and other shapes were more interesting to children than other forms. Teachers must take into consideration how to create the atmosphere that will help students want to learn in the environment.

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