Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Reflection Paper in Terms of What I Learned in Software Access 2010.Download file to see previous pages… Juxtaposition between the learning objectives and expect

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Reflection Paper in Terms of What I Learned in Software Access 2010.

Download file to see previous pages…

Juxtaposition between the learning objectives and expected outcomes versus my current abilities also proves that I am much better informed now than I was at the beginning of the course.

The appropriate introduction that was given at the beginning of the course allowed me to have a good and concrete background and understanding of the big picture of business information systems and their application within business processes. My current proficiency and mastery of the various concepts that are stipulated within the objectives of the course are therefore as a result of the effective course introduction. The introduction of the course was followed into deeper study of Relational Database Models for the Logical and conceptual modeling of business processes within which I attained my current adequate comprehension of how business processes can be modeled to ensure that they are both efficient and aligned to the mission, vision and goals of an organization. At the end of the course, I am confident that I am able to design and model an effective business process that would be applied to realize goals of a large enterprise. The assessments and peer review of my performance motivated the achievement of the desired course outcomes. My skills in modeling of business processes in the application of information systems advanced with more study of the course material and exercises which comprised both individual and group work. My first essay acted as a guiding framework within which I understood my goals which allowed me to employ the guidance of the instructor and group members as well as effective learning approached to achieve skills required for advanced modeling. This is the reason why I have a desirable understanding of all concepts in advanced business modeling and ability to apply them within a work environment to instill improvements in work processes. The ability that I gained to present these concepts within the blackboard reveals that the course had allowed me to acquire and gain from both understanding knowledge and skills of articulating them through a presentation. This means that I have acquired relevant business communication skills of concepts as required for the human resource within the contemporary competitive business environment. I boldly mention that through this course I have also gained managerial skills especially in planning for disasters and application of various strategies and measures to recover from various disasters that could befall a business information system. I greatly appreciate the role of security policy for securing information systems from possible risk issues that which may result to discontinuity of operations and resultant losses to an organization. In addition the querying of systems for acquisition of information for decision making is an aspect that I am specifically good at through the leaning processes of the course. This includes financial information which is applicable by managers in the making decisions on the strategies that are to be employed in improving business performance. My proficiency in Access 2010 is one of the most notable achievements that I would point out that the course has allowed me to achieve. Group activities and assignments in Acquisition and Revenue Cycles allowed me to focus and work hard in the use of Access 2010 for statistical analysis of business data including financial information which is an inevitable application within modern business organizations.

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