Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Answers to 6 questions.Download file to see previous pages… Majority of the business oriented network sites have the profile of its members optimized for search

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Answers to 6 questions.

Download file to see previous pages…

Majority of the business oriented network sites have the profile of its members optimized for search engines and this has several benefits for the social network members. The member has the ability to control the business profile including the listing that will appear on the search engine results of the company. A business with a link is able to benefit from the authority especially if the business oriented social network has Google or any other search engine. On the contrary, enterprise social networks mainly focus on the various social networks for businesses and individuals that have the same business interests. An ESN is enterprise social software and in most circumstances regarded as an Enterprise 2.0 component used by various businesses for commercial purposes. ESN has corporate intranet alterations and various classic software stages that many large companies use to organize message sending and receiving, collaboration among other intranet features. ESN are thought to include standard social external service network which is essential in generating visibility for an organization (Thaw, 2013, p. 907). Popular mobile gambling has become popular after the business started to collect and send unwanted contents. the business has become a legitimate business especially in small islands. The reason behind this is that the carriers of the business have set guidelines and best practices for the mobile industry. this has been fruitful in developing these regions. Mobile gambling sites located in Small Island are considered to have a lot of integrity and this is evident from its history, trustworthiness and the security they put on a customer’s money (Yani-de-soriano et al., 2012, p.481). The online sites are similar to that of the real casinos while the services of others are much better, majority of this casinos offer the clients the opportunity to win cash easily as compared to the brick and mortar casinos. The mobile gambling sites offer a variety of software features to its large users and this serves the work of satisfying the different types of customers. The mobile casinos are currently favorable because they have the best genres of real money casino games represented in the mobile gambling site. All that is required is to have the desired game downloaded and one can play it from any portable gaming device, such games include video poker, and many of these games come with bonuses that are designed the gamer enjoys a unique mobile experience. Botnets have the ability of turning computers into zombies they used as attackers for various sites, spreading email spam or stealing information that is important. When the PC is turned into a zombie, the malicious nature of the bots will be hidden from the owner. It is possible to cultivate thousands of botnet networks to thousands of computers and this is by commanding a bot herder who guides the computers to commit crimes, spams, and accessing a single site in order to shut it down rapidly. this creates false traffic to the site which eventually inflates standing, adware spyware while spreading botnet to other PCs. Botnets evil forms of work distributed over computers and the power of processors are awesome forces botnet herders seek for new ways to use this power in gaining money and clout (Young et al., 2007, p. 281).

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