Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Explain the marketing concept and discuss what it means for an organisation to have a marketing orientation, using examples t.Download file to see previous pages..

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Explain the marketing concept and discuss what it means for an organisation to have a marketing orientation, using examples t.

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Boone (2012) further denotes that coca cola used the social media, the print media, and the electronic media to advertise the products and services that it offers during this period of the world cup. By looking at this strategy of coca cola, we can denote that advertising is an important element of the principles of marketing. The main aim of carrying out an advertisement is to persuade the target market on the need of buying the products under consideration, and promoting the product under consideration. Russell (2012) denotes that for an organization to achieve success and efficiency in their marketing strategies, they must develop an advertisement that has the capability of persuading its target market on the need of buying into the products of the company. For example, an effective advertisement has to contain the name of the product, the usage of the product, and the value in which a customer will get by using the products under consideration (Kozmetsky, 2012). Companies such as Nokia, Samsung and Apples have developed an advertisement strategy that is always very effective in persuading their target markets on the importance of buying their products. This is by aligning the various technological needs of their target markets in their products, and communicating what they have done to their customers (Kozmetsky, 2012). Kotler and Armstrong (2012) believe that marketing concept involves developing policies products aimed at satisfying the various needs of the customer. In the current era, many business organizations in the world aim at achieving efficiency in the manner in which they meet their objectives. Kotler and Armstrong (2012) observe that the main objective of a business organization is to maximize profits, and increase their market share. To achieve this objective in an efficient manner, an organization must integrate all the four concepts of marketing, while developing a marketing strategy. These concepts are, product, price, promotion, and place. Under the principles of marketing concepts, Ramachandra and Chandrashekara (2010) believe that an organization will seek to improve on the quality of their products, and minimize costs for purposes producing products which are of high quality value, and affordable to the majority of its target market. By using these policies and concepts, the organization might manage to increase its market share, and its profitability. On this basis, the marketing principles of product and price come into place. Brenkert (2008) believe that the quality of an organizations product will determine whether it manages to satisfy the various needs of customers. This is because the notion of marketing concept involves developing products whose main aim is to satisfy the various needs of customers (Brenkert, 2008). If a product does not satisfy the various needs of customers, then chances are high that the company might fail to make sales (McDaniel and Gates, 2013). This might result to losses, and the eventual closure of a business organization (Brenkert, 2008). The pricing of a product is also a very important aspect of marketing. The price of a product determines whether customers might afford the product under consideration, or fail to afford it.

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