Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Islam.Download file to see previous pages… Muhammad (Khalil Lecture 1). However, the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire has significantly contributed to varied change

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Islam.

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Muhammad (Khalil Lecture 1). However, the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire has significantly contributed to varied changes including the social, political impacts and also military issues throughout history. One of the significant turning points is the birth of the Ottoman, which took place after 1800s following the death of Mohammed. thereby, contributing to emergence of new military and political powers (Khalil Lecture 2). After the death of Muhammad, Islam quickly spread over three continents including the Arab world, which became dominated by Muslim ideologies and religious practices. Mohammed is the greatest Muslim prophet and he was born in Mecca, which is declared a religious sanctuary and this is where Muslims are supposed to make pilgrims while facing this place (Khalil Lecturer 3). The Islam experienced a golden age after the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire and they preserved the Muslim faith, as well as, blended the cultures of classical Rome, Greece and India (Khalil Lecturer 6). The Ottoman Empire is one of the dominant Muslim states, which led to major development changes in the Muslim world. The empire is often regarded as a typical European multicultural empire whose only aim was viewed as promoting the interests of the Arab world. This empire led to varied changes including the evolution of Islamic law especially the Shariah and other ideas laid the foundation of the society, law and political government. Ottoman rulers saw themselves as the protector of the world. therefore, the emphasis of Islam was laid as a protection of religion under this empire something that contributed to conflicting issues with Christianity in Europe. The most crucial obligation for a Muslim leader, under the Muslim law (Shariah) was to uphold the Islamic law. the judges, who are recognized as qadis became the judges of the empire and they oversaw all the necessary laws of the Ottoman Empire, as well as, presided over criminal cases. Esposito (34) attempts to trace the emergence and developmental activities that took place due to this dynamic faith, as well as, is impact on the political and historical world (Esposito 34). Esposito attempts to offer historical perspectives to the Islam mysticism, Muslim laws and political ideologies. The great Muslim philosophers provided ideas that explains the basic interpretations of the Muslim dogmatic, as well as, varied movements including Sufism and Shiism. These movements contributed to varied development in the Muslim community for the past centuries including new movements in the political and economic world. The Islamic was laid a strong foundation during the rebirth of Islam but this has not only contributed to significant development but also contributed to varied consequences. The Muslims have struggled to define and adhere to their Islamic way of life beginning from the colonialism to the modern historical world. However, the political issues and construction of dynasties especially the Ottoman Empire led to varied developments changes in areas of law, politics and theology. Moreover, the death of Sultan Suleyman had an immense impact on the historical course of the Ottoman monarchy. The magnificent rule of Suleyman led to transformation of the Muslim world including the significant economic and political changes. For example, many structural designs were constructed including the mosques, fortresses and the splendid architectures.

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