Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Law and policy for social work practice.Download file to see previous pages… 2012, p. 1423). To provide better health and safety services to the children require

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Law and policy for social work practice.

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2012, p. 1423). To provide better health and safety services to the children require all stakeholders to work together according to the laid down policies. It is important for the organizations and individuals to understand their roles in protecting and sustaining the interests of the children. Every action and decisions made should also be aimed at achieving the intended outcomes for the benefit of the child and the entire family (Johnson and Cahn, 1995, p. 16). Case Study Rochdale Child Abuse Case: Exploited Girls Faced ‘Absolute Disrespect” In Williams (2012, Rochdale Child Abuse Case) there is a case of an institution that deals with sexually abused adolescent girls in United Kingdom. The institution was faced with a situation in which some young girls were discriminated by the people who were supposed to take care of them. For instance, there were nine guys who had jointly slept with five girls after enticing them with material things and then added drugs in their in their foods (The policy, Ethics and Human Rights Committee. 2012, p.17). However, the protection council assumed that the young girls had submitted to the sexual molesters out of their own accord. Among the council members who were assisting the victims, three of them left their jobs. Most of the cases handled by the Rochdale were not adequately solved as was discovered by a Local Safeguarding Council. On contrary to the reasoning of the Rochdale council, the Crisis Intervention Team believed that the girls were abused by the rapists. Most cases are now transferred to Sunrise group who are presently assisting 106 teenager girls (Williams (2012, Rochdale Child Abuse Case) This case was faced with several quandaries, with one being the inability to distinguish the issue of young girls and those of adult ladies. For example the assumption that the young ladies had contended to sexual performance out of their own accord yet they were below majority age (The policy, Ethics and Human Rights Committee. 2012, p.13). These adolescents needed protection of the law under child Act which never happened. Also most of the staff members working with the group had left the organization before the issues were settled. Therefore, there was no one to confess in favour of the victims thereby resulting to injustice of the young girls. Consequently, the justice for the victims was delayed as the team sought for vital information to help them convict the suspects as anyone who have not attained the age of 18 years (Williams (2012, Rochdale Child Abuse Case). The 1989 and the 2004 children Acts refers to a child Section 17 of the Children’s Act 1989 define “children in need” as those who are not able to achieve a satisfactory level of health or development, those development has been impaired, those who lack service. Under section 17(10) of the Children Act 1989, the disabled are also referred to a children in need (Oxford Journals, 2012, p.1437). The various policies set out in the children act 2004, indicates that the child should be health, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution to the society and be able to sustain themselves economically in future. Children need to feel loved, valued, and supported by a chain of individuals who are reliable and shows affection. They also need to feel respected, understood, listened to and to have their emotional feelings being considered and attended to.

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