Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: War on Terrorism and Popular Culture on Media.Download file to see previous pages… Various media platforms have been exploded with context more or less associate

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: War on Terrorism and Popular Culture on Media.

Download file to see previous pages…

Various media platforms have been exploded with context more or less associated with the war on terrorism, 9/11 incident giving an added hype to the issue. Also, owing much to the hype about war on terrorism, Middle East has become the interest of many authors and producers alike to engage the audience into unveiling perspectives of terrorism, generating interest of the people into the media products. The paper aims at discussing various media forums, i.e. books, TV (Prime time) and even Hollywood to analyze the popular culture on media in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks and in the wake on the war on terrorism. Prior to the extensive engagements of the great powers of the world into war against terrorism, the media platforms depicted a completely distinct picture of the world around us. The cold war period for instance contributed towards the popularity of media products revolving around this subject, also pop culture hit the media platforms back in 1960`s. However, once terrorism became the most pressing issue of the time, media products started focusing on these aspects as the audience was looking for answers to their queries regarding the subjects. A lot of contradictions and conspiracy theories surrounded mass audience due to which the media products focusing on the war on terrorism gained immense popularity, and the companies conceiving such products generated high amounts of revenues (Birkenstein, Anna &amp. Karen 2010). Thus, to come up with valid conclusions it is crucial to analyze all mediums one-by-one and comment on them separately to draw pattern regarding media popular culture in reference to the war on terrorism. Starting off with the discussion over the influence of the war on terrorism over literature, the books are filled with various perspectives over the war on terrorism. In addition to the various textbooks, other social sciences literature was also focused immensely on this topic, relating terrorism to social aspects of life, journalism, anthropological accounts etc. The research over politics was also merely driven by the war on terrorism, as every student of politics was interested in studying about the impact of the war over politics. Since religion was associated with terrorism, books after books started being published on Islam, for instance “Suicide Bombers: Allah`s new Martyrs” by Farhad was one of the bestsellers of that time (Birkenstein, Anna &amp. Karen 2010).. Similarly, other similar texts include Fundamentalism: the search of its meanings, Bad Faith: The Danger of Religious Extremism etc. Samuel P. Huntington`s clash of civilizations was however the most impactful publication which went viral throughout the world. The war on terrorism which led towards further segregation of the civilization owing to the cultures and religions was reflected in this publication circulated worldwide. Also, since Middle East became the subject of sole significance especially after the Iraq war, most of the literature was now focusing on this region. Since the impact of publications is restricted and the influence is not as widespread as that of broadcast media, the focus should now be shifted towards television. The prime time television also saw a shift towards content regarding the war on terrorism (Birkenstein, Anna &amp. Karen 2010)..

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