Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: MBA Exam: Comfort Homes.Download file to see previous pages… It is thus safe to say that the decision making powers of Comfort Homes lay in safe hands. They took

Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: MBA Exam: Comfort Homes.

Download file to see previous pages…

It is thus safe to say that the decision making powers of Comfort Homes lay in safe hands. They took a smart call, keeping in mind the needs of the organization as well as those of all the people associated with it. Bringing in someone from the competition also brought in new perspective and ideas. Also, it gave them an edge over their rival. Comfort Homes has an advantage over its competition in its distribution network and speed of delivery. Customers receive their products within two working days of placing their order. However, they lack in following latest consumer trends and are falling short due to this. Many medium size enterprises are gaining popularity and momentum by using the internet to promote themselves as well as using it as a tool for sales. This is bad news for Comfort Homes. To keep up with the consumer trends, Comfort Homes will really need to build an online portal to sell and promote their brand. Consumers today are highly internet savvy and not making use of this factor will only lead to a downfall for Comfort Homes. Strategic Analysis and Choice: Information Management and Forecasting Comfort Homes is not necessarily in a big problem. They have a new CEO and he has many great ideas that will keep the company afloat and also do great for it in the long run. For starters, Comfort Homes will really need to fix the lack of internet presence. This will give them a virtual presence ensure that they visible. It will also show that they are capable of meeting customer requirements and will give consumers all the information they need in one place. It will also help them to widen their target market since they are currently working with distributing catalogues. Once they are able to put all of their information in one place in a comprehensive way, it will help them reach out to anyone who has access to the internet. This will also give them the opportunity to monitor consumer insights and predict what they should manufacture in future. Consumers have changing needs and preferences. They also like to research about their products well before purchasing anything. and today, search engines are the first place a consumer will go to before checking out individual stores. This is a big reason why Comfort Homes needs an online presence. It will not only give them a cooler factor but will make their ‘connect with the customer’ simpler and more advantageous for the customer as well as Comfort Homes. Another thing that they need to focus on is to build a strategy for the long term growth of the organization. This will happen only if they first solve all the existing problems they are facing in relation to production, marketing and employment. Comfort Homes seems to be having a few issues internally and solving these is the key to a better, smarter organization. Once they are free of the major issues internally, they will be stable and can thus focus on working towards eliminating the competition. Implementing Strategies: Leadership and Entrepreneurship The former CEO of Comfort Homes was a very dependable man and Bamford is taking strides to be a better leader. He knows the importance of keeping the organization’s workforce happy and satisfied.

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