Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: How does the Starbucks succeed in America.Download file to see previous pages… Starbucks’ ability to meet the desires and the needs of millions of customers fo

Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: How does the Starbucks succeed in America.

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Starbucks’ ability to meet the desires and the needs of millions of customers for caffeine has allowed it to expand aggressively within United States (Misonzhnik). Although, there are several other coffee shops that could provide the customers with coffee but not every single coffee house in United States is equal. The industry’s king of coffee, Starbucks, has consistently managed to succeed in United States by continually thinking out of the box whereas. other coffeehouses are just following the footsteps of Starbucks. The ability of the company to think outside the box has been the company’s recipe for success for more than decades. The quality of coffee provided to the consumers in United States is unquestionably the best. This is the major reason that the consumers spend $7 for just a cup of coffee offered by Starbucks (Ostdick) Unlike other coffeehouses, Starbucks does not spend heavily on its advertisement but rather focuses on providing the customers with outstanding services due to which the customers tend to prolong their stay at Starbucks’ coffeehouses. The continuous innovation and improvements in the coffeehouse’s interior design and infrastructure has provided Starbucks with an opportunity to grab consumer’s attention in a highly cluttered and competitive industry. Thinking out of the box to design and restructure the interior of the coffeehouse has never been easy for Starbucks but making it possible is the specialty of Starbucks. In addition, the brand image of Starbucks highly revolves around the restructuring and design of the coffeehouses. The history of Starbucks in United States is quite impressive due to which the company has been considered by many organizations as a model business. In simpler words, Starbucks has become an icon for many companies. The marketing strategies undertaken by Starbucks are not one of those that are commonly observed in today’s business environment. It is quite rare to find Starbucks on billboards, posters, ad space or newspaper as most of the well established competitors such as McDonalds had already been taken into consideration. Starbucks highly believes in setting itself apart from the rest of the coffeehouses in terms of advertisement. In order to do so, Starbucks became the pioneer coffeehouse that went for unconventional marketing strategies to attract and grab consumer’s attention. To promote the products and services offered by the company, Starbucks considered word-of-mouth along with viral social media strategies through which the company was provided with an opportunity to perfectly portray what the company exactly wanted. By doing so, the company not only gain the trust of the consumers but was able to change their perception regarding the unique coffee offered by Starbucks (Sose Marketing). The marketing strategy undertaken by Starbucks has several points that indicate the success of Starbucks in United States. Some of most prominent learning points are as follows. Starbucks has always remained consistent in terms of quality. Although, the price of the coffee offered to the consumers is slightly higher priced as compared to others but the quality aspect significantly cover this dimension. The quality coffee offered to the consumers not only satisfies the consumers effectively but provides them with an experience of rich, delicious taste and aroma.

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