Compose a 1000 words essay on Management. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… This paper aims at exploring various dimensions of team effectiveness and strategies. An ex

Compose a 1000 words essay on Management. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages…

This paper aims at exploring various dimensions of team effectiveness and strategies. An example of a cross functional team will also be discussed to build a clear understanding of issues and problems in building effective teams from a practical approach. Formation of Group Formation of the group is the first and the most fundamental part of group effectiveness. The selection of the right size and the right members is of vital importance for the success of any group. My group was formed when my organization decided to launch a new product. It was line extension. My organization formed a cross functional team. Group members were selected from different departments according to the requirements of the project. My group consisted of eight employees from three different departments of the organization i.e. procurement and supply chain, production and marketing. The purpose or task of the group was the successful launch of the product. Like all work groups my group also passed through the four stages of group development after formation namely mutual acceptance, decision making, motivation and commitment, and control and sanction. When a group passes through these stages, a successful group becomes a mature group. According to the group development model any group has three major issues i.e. interpersonal issues, task issues, and authority issues. Group effectiveness can be increased by taking care of these three issues. The interpersonal issues include aspects like trust, personal comfort and security. The task issues include purpose of the group, what the group wants to achieve i.e. the expected outcomes and the methods utilized to achieve those outcomes. The authority issue deals with the hierarchy of power and role definition of every member in the group along with the chain of command. A clear and unambiguous definition of these issues helps improves effectiveness of the group (Debra L. Nelson, 2011). Group Effectiveness There are various external and internal factors that are responsible for group effectiveness. It includes group size, time, diversity in group in terms of gender, age, culture and interpersonal diversity, group cohesion, norms of the group etc. Our group had all these factors. There are many characteristics of a successful group such as an effective open communication possible through a relaxed, comfortable and informal atmosphere. The group task which was in our case was the successful launch of the product in the predetermined time lines, must be clear to all group members. Group members are not able to hold task open discussions about task related goals but are keen to listen to one another. Group cohesion and communication is so strong that people express both their feelings and ideas. Conflicts do happen as a healthy sign but they revolve around task, methods and ideas and not personalities. The group has a good understanding and is aware and conscious of its functions. Decisions are taken through mutual consensus. Group assigns clear duties to each member with their consent. My group has all these characteristics of an effective group (Jane Goodman, 2006). Effective Group Communication The study of group dynamics in various theories and research revealed that enhancing group effectiveness requires complex skills, techniques and knowledge that creates choices, opportunities and success not only for the group but for the individual as well.

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