Compose a 1000 words essay on The functionalism Theory of Cheating amongst Students. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… Therefore, cheating by students in an examinatio

Compose a 1000 words essay on The functionalism Theory of Cheating amongst Students. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Therefore, cheating by students in an examination which, is regarded as academic dishonesty has ever remained the most irrational conducts at all social levels of in institutions. Even though cheating is recognized as one of the worst vice by the academic practitioners, some of the students have consistently practiced this habit as a potential to success. However, in all the countries across the globe, as the demand for labor continues to increase, it has been noted with great concern that very few members of the society have actually been able to meet these demands. This is where the concept of functionalism is attributed by students’ tendencies to cheat in class, in exams or any other integrated test (Foss &amp. Lathrop 2000). Literature review Several scholarly researches have indicated that, most of the students must have cheated at some given point in their school life, and the general menace has been found to affect the unified state of the society. Some researches especially those conducted annually give clear evidence how cheating amongst students has been consistent from one institution to the other with Harvard business school being not exceptional. It may not only be in class that cheating is evidenced but for some reasons, this wrong norm has extended even in writing of the resumes while the students are applying for jobs which, are considered sustainable, as a result leading to discharge of incompetent workers which in turn affects the unity and trust by the society. (Davis et al, 2011). With a keen interest, it has been noted that cheating is never a new phenomenon in life because it has been there since the beginning of academic institutions. The major difference from old forms of cheating is that, at the current state, students cheating are much more digitalized through modern information system like tablets Pads and electronic books which, are easily integrated with the aid of internet (Davis et al, 2011). The main reason as to why cheating is rampant amongst students is because they would want to earn high marks in class so as to the win trust of the society. However, much is attributed by the fact that most students are faced with a lot of pressure especially from their guardians, sponsors, teachers or any other person who pays an active role to the facilitation of their education. For some reasons, students who may not have been performing well in class may develop curiosity of oblique future or criticism and disparity from where they come from. With respect this. they envisage the feeling to embrace all the possible methods of ensuring the right maximum grades are achieved so as to gain the same status quo as their fellow colleagues. From the above reasons, students are much tempted to seek all possible means of passing the exams to ensure attainable level as their counterparts (Grossman, 2003). Besides, inadequate knowledge about the exam also attributes to some level of cheating. To some extent, students who do not have enough ideas about what has been set in a paper would feel incompetent when it comes to tackle the test. The sense of societal functionalism diminishes when a student feels ill prepare to sit for a paper while quite a good number would simply develop a notion that exams like any other test are just difficult, and cheating would otherwise be the best alternative choice (McCabe, D et al, 2012).

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