Compose a 1000 words essay on The wrong girl. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… Matt is surprised that he feels so passionately about Anna considering that he only met

Compose a 1000 words essay on The wrong girl. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages…

Matt is surprised that he feels so passionately about Anna considering that he only met her a few weeks ago. Matt is pleased with himself for expressing his thoughts, so he decides to take a break by walking away to get a bite to eat. Matt completely forgets about the email that he had written for Anna. It turns out there was nothing much to eat at home, so he went out to the local burger restaurant. Matt is stressed out from his long day, so when he gets back home he wants to just sit in his room and chill. However, as soon as he walks into his room he tries to save his email for Anna but accidentally clicks the “send” button. Matt is immediately horrified with himself for what he has done because he was not ready to tell Anna how her felt about her yet. Matt spends a long time at his computer trying to undo his mistake, but he realizes that there is now nothing he can do about it. Matt did want to express his true feelings to Anna, but not like this. He wanted to do it in a romantic way that truly showed he cared about her. His email was very direct, and Anna may not like that. After spending a couple of hours fretting about his mistake, Matt decides that he has no choice but to delete the email. However, that only means one thing: he must delete the email from Anna’s email account. Matt immediately packs up his things and sets out for Anna’s house. He has never been to her house before, but he has a fairly good idea of where it is. The street that Anna lives on is dimly lit, with only one flickering light way off in the distance providing any sort of path along the roadside. Matt finally comes to what he believes to be Anna’s house. He sees that the gate is locked, so he attempts to climb the fence. However, he gets the fright of his life when a huge dog begins to bark so loud that all the neighbors can hear it. Matt is concerned that someone might mistake him for a burglar, so he backs off for a while. It seemed a shame to come all this way only to turn back now. Matt has a light bulb moment about how to distract the dog. He still has some leftover hamburger from before, so he tosses it far away from the fence, giving himself long enough to climb over and make his way through a window. Having conquered the dog, the challenges don’t stop there for Matt. He guesses that Anna’s bedroom must be upstairs. However, Anna’s grandmother is sleeping in the living room just in front of the stairs. He cannot seem to get past without disturbing her. Matt decides to take his shoes off so he can be as quite as possible. He manages to tiptoe his way up the stairs without getting noticed. Once up the stairs, Matt quickly locates Anna’s room and finds the computer switched on. Once Matt logs onto Anna’s email account, he has little difficulty deleting the email. However, just as he is doing this, Matt hears Anna’s voice coming up the stairs. This sends Matt into a panic, as he is not sure how to explain himself for being in Anna’s house, let alone her bedroom! There is no place to hide, so Matt has no choice but to stand there like a man and accept the consequences. As Anna opens the door, Matt has a look of shock and horror on his face because he thinks he is about to be exposed. To his surprise, Anna does not seem to mind he is there. in fact, she walks straight up to Matt and plants a kiss on his cheek. Matt is consumed by a mix of emotions, but most of all he cannot believe what is really happening.

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