Compose a 1250 words essay on Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… I would try to let him know that famous connections are no

Compose a 1250 words essay on Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages…

I would try to let him know that famous connections are not a part of him, but what he thinks and behaves like are an important part of his personality. Hence, I would make him feel the importance of his own self rather than others. 2. Kate, aged seventy-eight, is a frail widow who feels lonely and depressed and weeps a lot. I would feel sorry for Kate keeping in view her age and frail position. Loneliness is something that kills a person from inside no matter how strong he may pretend to be. And when the person is elderly, he is very weak at heart and emotions and cannot hide his feelings for long. Depression is normally very common in older adults. Hence, I would not feel agitated or irritated at Kate’s state of mind, and will try to sympathize with her and give her relief through words. I would make her talk about her life when she was young, and would laugh with her at her happy memories to give her a feeling of belonging. I would also feel that I should contact her children, if she has any, and tell them to stay in touch with her. 3. Jo, aged twenty, is on probation after a series of shop-lifting offences. I would deal Jo with strictness as I do not feel comfortable with clients who have even a bit of criminal mentality. However, I would also keep in mind his young age and would understand the fact that youngsters normally do such acts at this age. I would listen to him about his problems that led him to commit such an act. I would make him talk about his past, his parents, and his relationship with siblings and friends, so that I may get an idea what is making him do shop-lifting at a continuous basis. If he belongs to low socio-economic background, I would suggest to him that he should work hard to earn good money instead of indulging in criminal offenses. 4. Tom, mid thirties, has used physical violence with his wife. I would feel angry at Tom because I am against domestic violence. I strongly protest to the idea of showing power over weak opponent. I would try to convince him to agree that he should correct his behavior and should discuss out things with his wife rather than beating her up. I would make him feel sorry for what he did. I would tell him that it is against human dignity to use physical violence to get others to do what one wants. However, I would also listen to him and if a problem is with his wife, I would try to make him agree that discussion and communication is the best way a problem can be resolved. I would also take his past history and information about relationship between his parents to get a better idea why he did so. 5. Rita, aged fifty-seven, is a married woman who has just been told she has terminal cancer. I would feel very sorry for Rita and would try to console her on her discovery of terminal cancer. I would try to listen to her sympathetically about how she feels after her discovery so that she talks it all out rather than keeping the frustration inside. I would also encourage her to talk about her past, her relations, and her achievements, so that she may know that she is still a valuable person who is needed and loved. I would make her feel respected, honored, and cared for. I would make her feel lively and happy. I would tell her stories of many people who are fighting with their terminal illnesses but are still living happily. I would not mind making up fake stories to console her. 6.

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