Compose a 1250 words essay on Eradicating Small Pox around the World. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… The symptoms of small pox begins to show up between 10 to 16 da

Compose a 1250 words essay on Eradicating Small Pox around the World. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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The symptoms of small pox begins to show up between 10 to 16 days after infection, and involves severe headaches, chills, nauseas, vomiting, fever and severe pains in the muscles. Upon infection and in its severe stages, small pox develops lesions and eventually pustules on the body of the victim. Small pox in its form is highly contagious and this defines its mode of transmission. Transmission can also be through inhalation of respiratory secretions of the infected person when the victim is gets into face-to-face contact with the healthy person. Apart from the control and preventive techniques as well as vaccination, small pox has no formal treatment techniques. In its severe stages, small pox can lead to death of the victim or in cases of survivals. it leaves permanent scars on the skin of the individual victim. Control, surveillance and perhaps vaccination against small pox have been one of the health responsibilities of governments. Campaigns and vaccinations against small pox have seen draining of massive money from the economies of the victim countries and world in general through World Health Organization. Characteristics of Small Pox That Made It Possible To Eradicate Eradication of small pox became easier and possible because of its defining characteristics. The first characteristic that made it possible to eradicate is that the disease takes short time to incubate. The incubation period of small pox ranges from 10 to 14 days before the actual appearance of symptoms (Bureau of Epidemiology, 2002). Upon the appearance of the first symptoms, the diseases are usually not infectious and this made it easy to contain and manage without further spread on other population. As indicated by (1998), another characteristic that made it possible to eradicate small pox attached to the fact that the virus does not attack animals thus limiting its reservoirs. Small pox is only unique to human beings and this fact made health practitioners believe that believe that clearing the virus among human population would mark the end of the virus in the world. Furthermore, small pox is clinically apparent bearing its uniqueness and clear symptoms during its development (Henderson, 1999). This characteristic made its detection easier to help in the surveillance and control efforts. Another characteristic that made eradication of small pox easier attributed to the mode of its transmission. Though considered highly contagious, conditions for transmission requires human-to-human contact. This fact saw a small transmission that ensured easier and quick containment. Another critical characteristic that made it easier to eradicate small pox related to the presence of very effective vaccine. (1998) exemplifies that single dose of the vaccine for small pox ensures long-term immunity on the recipients. Vaccinations against small pox required little shots and boosters. In addition, vaccination before infection posed lesser risk than vaccination after infection. The vaccine against small pox was also stable, and this made it possible for transportation to other parts of the world without any form of refrigeration (Bureau of Epidemiology, 2002). Vaccination against small pox also required little training that made it possible for health practitioners all over the world execute the service of vaccination. When compared to treatment and drugs, vaccination against small pox proved cheaper and this facilitated the process eradication by vaccination.

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