Compose a 1250 words essay on Media analysis. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… The growth in international tourism and travel has led to the reliance on food experien

Compose a 1250 words essay on Media analysis. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages…

The growth in international tourism and travel has led to the reliance on food experience as a way of marketing destinations. This extends gastronomy across all socio-economic societies. In recent years, gastronomy has changed a lot especially with the effects of media into the marketing strategies. There exist a lot of media forms through which information about food can be passed (Radin, 2006). Different types of food and beverage products have been advertised using various forms of media. Modern day marketing techniques target specific groups of people, and there is a need to identify the best channels to reach the target market. In Sydney, there are many food outlets offering different cuisine. These food outlets range from fast foods to restaurants selling meals containing several courses. These establishments differ in the way they choose their markets. The marketing strategies, however, seem the same. They use the same media approach to reach their targets in different ways. McDonalds can be identified as one of the leading hotel chains within Australia. They tend to use advertising through television more than other outlets like donut king. Within the Richmond neighborhood of Sydney, these two chains each have an outlet. They tend to compete for the same clients who consume fast food (McGrath &amp. Anderson 1986). Their target market comprises of mainly youthful city dwellers. This client target does not have the time to prepare meals in their homes. This reason makes the two outlets identify t is group as their target market. The organizations have each been able to cut a niche for itself within the same market (McIntosh et al, 1995). McDonalds specializes in American cuisines while donut king does not have a cuisine specialty. Thought they don’t deal with the same products, they deal with similar ones. It would be difficult for donut king to start selling American food to outshine McDonalds. The two establishments have been using television a lot to advertise their products. They have also put up billboards in certain strategic positions to aid in advertising. McDonald runs special adverts aimed at creating awareness on the importance of having a snack in between meals. This aims at making the same individuals realize that the snack being recommended can be acquired at their out let easily. On the other hand, donut king uses the same media to promote the new products which they have (Warde 2009). The advertisements run by McDonalds can be classified as informatory. The restaurant already has an international recognition. It lacks the reason for engaging in product familiarization advertisement. Being an international brand, the McDonalds outlet in Richmond, needs to let its presence felt. The use of television has been most effective for these two establishments. The target market of youth spends a lot of their time glued to television sets. Advertising on TV ensures that the targeted client receives the information quickly and easily (Chen, 2004). These advertisements normally run on the cable networks due to the popularity of these networks with the youth. The use of television ensures information reaches the highest number of people in the shortest time possible. Most establishments put a lot of emphasis on advertising as a way of marketing their products. Though essential in the promotion of a product, advertising should not be the only way of marketing (Michael &amp. George 2004).

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