Compose a 1750 words essay on Commanding officer. Needs to be plagiarism free!As a commanding officer of the 103rd precinct, I am responsible for crime within the district. This 103rd precinct refers

Compose a 1750 words essay on Commanding officer. Needs to be plagiarism free!

As a commanding officer of the 103rd precinct, I am responsible for crime within the district. This 103rd precinct refers to a multi-cultural command around the area. The neighborhoods in these areas comprise of Hollis Park Gardens, downtown Jamaica Business District, Lakewood, Jamaica and Hollis. As a commanding officer of this area, I am responsible for all the crimes that take place within these neighborhoods. In addition, I also shoulder the responsibility of the quality of life within these societies, community affairs, and the level of crime within the community, which is at an all time high. As the new commanding officer of this 103rd precinct, have come up with a number of solid measures that will enable me to control the levels of crimes within these regions, as well as, ensure that the community is a safe and peaceful place to reside, with reigning peace and safety (Addington and Lynch 280). The level of crime within my precinct is very alarming to the extent that some old folks are contemplating moving out of the neighborhoods to safer regions. The region has a wide variety of crimes, which include felony assaults, auto theft and carjacking, burglaries and robberies, street mugging, and rape cases are very common in the area. In addition to these petty crimes, the region also has hardened gangsters who conduct daylight robbery, and fail to consider the quality of lives that they take away in the course of their theft or robbery escapades. All these criminal activities make the region an unsafe place to reside, as well as, a poor place for investments or any other business activity (Eterno and Silverman 66). My responsibilities as the commanding officer of this region are to reduce to a manageable level the rate of crime in the region, as well as, make the region conducive for both habitation and business investments purposes. The first way of reducing these crimes is to analyze the reason and cause behind each criminal activity. Research from crime stats of the region provides that the main reason why the region has a high level of crime is the lack of proper policing activities in the region. The area has a low ratio of police to citizens. The recommended ratio of police to citizens in this region is three police officers for every VIP, and one police officer for every 750 commoners. However, the current statistics of police to the public provide two police officers for every VIP and one police officer for one thousand five hundred common citizens (Kalinich, Klofas and Stojkovic 45). I intend to increase these ratios of police to the public to the recommended levels. Having the right numbers of police patrolling the region will lead to a considerable reduction of crime in the region. Furthermore, the police we have in the region, the lesser the levels of crime as criminals will feel afraid to perpetrate their criminal activities around a law-enforcing officer. In addition, the public will also feel protected and secure to carry on their day-to-day activities because of the assured security provided by police patrolling in their neighborhoods. These police department will station posts at strategic points in the region, with special considerations of regions that have high rates of crimes such as ghettos, shanties and slum regions. These officers will also conduct 24/7 patrols across the entire region in order to apprehend criminals who might be robbing or stealing, as well as, maintain general security of the area (Sutton and Trueman 14). The next step of reducing crime in my region will be to introduce a community-policing program. This is a program, which will initiate a unique relationship, as well as, a cooperation pact, between the police department and the public. Through this policy, I intend to bring the police closer to the public and foster a close-knit relationship between these two centers of the community. The resultant effect will be the creation of confidence, trust and loyalty between the two parties involved.

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