Compose a 1750 words essay on Drug Culture in Alex Garlands The Beach. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… In the novel, fantasy can interlace with daily experience. The

Compose a 1750 words essay on Drug Culture in Alex Garlands The Beach. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages…

In the novel, fantasy can interlace with daily experience. The novel is thus presenting facts about marijuana that other previous books have illustrated. It follows the custom of cannabis writing that presents the drug as a product and a root of legend making. In Western writing, it has been a variable substance, making the user stupefied and silent. The novel is has a Thailand setting and involves a group that seeks to find a beach that is well celebrated, isolated and peaceful. The beach they are looking for is one that the tourists have not yet discovered. The book is written based on the point of view of Richard, the main character of the novel. In search for the isolated beach, Richard is in possession of a map that will lead him to this beach. In the novel, the meeting of three travelers sets the platform on which the story is told. Richard, a traveler of an English background coincidentally meets a Scotsman called Daffy Duck in Bangkok on Khao San Road (Garland 14). This is the man that gives Richard a map that is drawn by hand, showing the location of a beach that is thought to be hidden from the access of tourists. This beach is located in the Gulf of Thailand. After giving Richard the map to the beach, Daffy Duck commits suicide, leaving the English man in possession of the map to the beach. A young couple from France joins Richard in search of the hidden beach (Garland 23). This couple goes by the names Francoise and Etienne. Richard also meets some students who are from Harvard in Koh Samui, as he and the French couple tries find their way to the undiscovered beach. Zeph and Sammy are the names of the two students, who are given by Richard a copy of the map to the beach. The three travelers arrive at the beach having bribed a boat contractor from region to take them to the beach. These three are happy to get to this beach, which they feel is a paradise on earth. On arrival on the beach, they, therefore eagerly take a swim. On their way to the beach, they come across plantations of marijuana that is heavily guarded by armed men. The village they pass through has people who still have tightly knit practices of a complicated hierarchy of an American woman and his lover, who Richard later learns discovered that together with Daffy, they discovered the isolated beach. These two Americans are Bugs and Sylvester. This was about six years from the three Americans discovered the beach. The beach is entered by just a few that are selected by three people that discovered the beach. This meant that uninvited visitors that came to this beach were incorporated into the community and were not allowed to leave so that they could not put the identity of the community at jeopardy. Richard and the French couple thus incorporate themselves into the community, and its members quickly and readily accept them after they narrate to them of the death of Daffy (Garland 55). The community is self-sufficient and has all the necessary resources and duty rosters that show the work that they were supposed to do. The new community members, therefore, join the fishing troop and they fit into this community easily. Many incidences follow that show Richard and his friends that though there is a joy in their paradise, there was corrupt leadership. The final act of the novel begins when the American students arrive at the island but are seized by the dope guards, taken away, and murdered. In the climactic scene, the heavily armed Thais interrupt the annual Tet party.

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