Compose a 2000 words essay on How Do Groups React to Unexpected Threats Crisis Management in Organizational Teams. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… Contextually, when

Compose a 2000 words essay on How Do Groups React to Unexpected Threats Crisis Management in Organizational Teams. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Contextually, when assessing the current scenario of the global business world, particularly due to the continuous globalization effects and the consequent alterations taking place in the socio-economic conditions, managing such obstacle have emerged as one of the most significant concerns of contemporary business organizations. A crisis management is thus essentially required to be devised with the intention of minimizing the impacts of unpredictable occurrences which may seriously hamper the performances of an organization either in its short-run or in its long-run performances2. In this regard, various literature studies have been conducted which emphasized on addressing the various dimensions of crisis management. However, in the article titled as ‘How do Groups React to Unexpected Threats? Crisis Management in Organizational Teams’, the authors Jin Nam Choi, Sun Young Sung, and Myung Un Kim proclaimed that comprehensive researches are available in limited numbers which were focused on learning the behavior of organizational teams when responding to crisis situations and crisis management strategies. Correspondingly, in this article, qualitative as well as quantitative methods have been used with the intention to satisfy the literature gap existing in relation to the study of organizational team responses to crisis management3. The paper will intend to discuss the concepts which can be acquired from the article further describing the applicability of such findings in the organizational level crisis management practices. Moreover, references will also be considered from the book named ‘Organization Theory &amp. Design’ written by Richard L. Daft when assessing the article. The Concepts Acquired from the Article The article depicts that organizational teams are commonly observed to behave as dependent on the persisting ‘interdependent relationships’ within the work culture being subjected to their external activities when implementing crisis management strategies. The findings of this article also reveal that environment of an organization is complex as well as uncertain which results in many crises situations. It has been fundamentally due to these reasons that crises within organizational teams are observed to be rising immensely since the past few years. In this regard, management of an organization is required to effectively forecast the time as well as the procedure through which the crisis event is most likely to occur. In most instances, organizational teams focus on determining the reasons and likewise sort out the type of crises being witnessed or probable to be witnessed in order to initiate better effective crisis management strategies. The article also stated that irrespective of such practices apparent in the organizational teams of the corporate sector, only insignificant number of studies were conducted in order to sort the various types of crises witnessed by contemporary businesses and the strategies which are devised as well as implemented accordingly3. Furthermore, the article also aims at demonstrating the importance of organizational teams’ performances at times of uncertain situations.

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