Compose a 750 words essay on Comparative ethnic identity and ethnic conflict. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… Semitic Nazi leader Adolf Hilter saw Jews as inferior p

Compose a 750 words essay on Comparative ethnic identity and ethnic conflict. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages…

Semitic Nazi leader Adolf Hilter saw Jews as inferior people. After years of Nazi government in Germany, finally, Adolf decided to do mass killings under the cover of world war. Mass killing centers were in the camps of Poland. The time covered by the film is between 1933: where the Jewish population stood about nine million, most Europeans by then lived countries that Nazi countries would influence during world 11.By 1945. the Germans with their collaborators had killed about every three European Jews as part of solution. Between 1948and 1951, about 700,000jews immigrated to Israel, also 13600 Jewish were displaced, others emigrated to United States and other nations. In 1957, the camps closed. The main objective of the film is to gives an interdisciplinary approach to citizenship education. Students go from thought to judgment, then participation so that they can deal with moral questions important in study of racism, bigotry, violence, and anti-Semitism. The film shows consequences of anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination by exploring the tarnish mirror of history as one of most violent times in world history in 1930 and 1940s. When the students watched and saw what really happened, they could be able to known the forces that damaged democracy in Germany, betrayed the future of young people, and finally caused holocaust. Moreover, the student can find out how those forces threaten our community. Students are able to learn how any made decisions can influence the society, nation and the entire world. The film though is biased as those who were accountable for crime against humanity, and continued theft of aboriginal land are shown as heroes which does not reflect the core values of society. The film contributed to Nazi holocaust, because it is in 1933, the Jewish population of Europe was about 9million people. In 1945, the Germans killed almost killed two out of three Europeans Jews as part of their lasting solution with their collaborators. The Jews were the primary victim of Nazi racism and deemed a priority danger to the Germanys. They were other victims including about 200,000Roma (Gypsies).there were Germanys who were mentally disabled patients living in institutional settings killed in euthanasia program. The Germans and their collaborators persecuted and killed millions of other people while the Nazi tyranny spread across Europe. The soviet prisoners of war between two to three million died of diseases, hunger, neglect, or maltreatment. The non -Jewish polish intelligentsia was killed by Germanys .They deported millions of polish and soviet civilians for forced labor in Germany or in occupied Poland. The individuals worked and died due to terrible conditions. From the beginning of Nazi government, German government mistreated homosexuals and others who had deeds against the norm of the society. The German police targeted the political opponents like communists, socialist and trade unionists, religious dissidents such as Jehovah’s witnesses. Many people died of incarceration and maltreatment. It shown that, the national socialist authority formed concentration camps to arrest real and imagined political opponents and ideological opponents. As the years increased, the police officials incarcerated Jews, Roma and other people due to ethnic and racial hatred in those camps. They wanted to monitor their population.

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