Compose a 750 words essay on Management Sustainability Plan. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… The paper tells that the water resource problem talked about is overfish

Compose a 750 words essay on Management Sustainability Plan. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages…

The paper tells that the water resource problem talked about is overfishing which has been practiced by fishermen for quit longer time. According to VLR, fishermen have been engaging in deep sea fishing which has led to depletion of big fish to about only 10 percent remaining in the sea which has raised alarm among the environmentalists. Overfishing has also led to decreased number of fish species available in the sea since they no-longer breed leading to their depletion. Most fishermen are motivated to overfishing by the reward they get leading to the creation of the problem. The big population has also contributed to the problem since people need food to keep themselves surviving in undergoing their daily duties. The problems met as a result of declining fish stocks can be addressed through management and sustainability plans which are favorable to both sides. One of management and sustainability plans will be through seasonal fishing. This will allow fishing for a certain time frame then living fish to breed as they regain population. Most of the problems have been as a result of overfishing and leaving no room for various fish species to breed as a result of disturbance. Fish can be given 4 months to breed without any form of fishing and resuming fishing for 8 months yearly. However, this sustainability plan must start with community awareness, and they be educated in ensuring they get the essence otherwise it may not work. Second management and sustainability plan is through diversification of sources of incomes and diet. This is possible through having different sources of acquiring income as well as food hence minimizing the pressure on one source, which is fishing (Hompson &amp. Jorgensen 31). Creating awareness first will be critical for the success of this plan as fishermen will see the need of diversification through being educated. It may be a long term plan but will be fruitful and sustainable to the generations to come since it can be monitored. Building fish ponds can be helpful in sustaining if there are resources since it will create another avenue of getting fish incase the community is not willing to change in diet. The above mentioned plans are sustainable and are favoring both environmentalist and the fishermen. Diversification of sources of revenues and source of food can be viewed positively by the environmentalists because it will lessen the pressure put on fishing activities. However, it may not be quickly viewed positively by fishermen being that they have lived on fishing as the only source of income and of food over decades. It may be viewed negatively, but at last it will be good and will be adopted by both parties. Seasonal fishing will be welcomed by environmentalist and fishermen because the end-result will be overwhelming. It will provide the opportunity to have fish throughout, and they will increase in population to their advantage. There may be contrast views concerning the use of fish pond as a result of perceived resources to be used, but it is a good, sustainable plan too. Environmentalist can embrace it since it will be man-made and more fish species can be introduced into it. Fishermen too can view it positively since it is man-made fish source with the owner in full regulations without external interference. Various techniques of catching fish have different problems that they bring to the ecosystem. One of the problems as a result of this fishing technique is unbalancing of the food chain, which comes in several ways. The ability of man to do overfishing depletes fish resulting to deficiency of food on sea animals feeding on fish. Proper fishing techniques control the balance of food chains since there is the availability of the preys as well as the predators. This technique of fishing also causes poor breeding among fish as a result of disturbances in their breeding grounds.

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