Compose a 750 words essay on Reflecting on Identity. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages… Throughout my life, I have conducted considerable self-investigation into my gen

Compose a 750 words essay on Reflecting on Identity. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages…

Throughout my life, I have conducted considerable self-investigation into my gender and have come to embrace many elements of feminist philosophy. Ultimately, then I recognize that being a feminist is an essential element of my identity. Today, feminism has become a highly complex term. women’s rights and equality movements, however, have been in existence since at least the late 19th century. Still, feminism did not emerge until the mid-20th century as a formal movement and philosophy (Stansell, p. 20). I recognize that many different versions of feminism have emerged since that period and there are conflicting perspectives within the feminist movement. These perspectives, however, greatly inform the way that society perceives feminists. In this way, feminists are oftentimes perceived as potentially overbearing or men haters, while other people simply view them as politically active. My personal vision of feminism is the belief that women should have equal rights throughout society. In this way, feminist ideas have greatly come to form my identity. I believe that there is a degree of inequality in many instances that occurred throughout the world. This is not to say that just because one is a woman their life is necessarily more difficult than other people but, rather, women may not have equal access and equitable treatment to all the opportunities in life they fairly should. In this way, I believe that because of male physical strength society evolved in a way where women assumed less dominant roles. With the advancement of technology women’s roles remained subservient, while the need for physical advantage in society decreased. What exists then is a gap between the rights women should be afforded. Within this gap, I believe, is a fundamental recognition of my identity. I have experienced some conflicts because of my identity as a feminist. I believe that both men and women should be judged on their competency as a person and that they should be given equal voices in decision making. In many instances, however, I have recognized that males are given a greater voice than females because they exhibit more aggressive or intimidating behavior. In these situations, reflecting on feminist doctrine has allowed me to recognize that it is not right for males to take advantage of these situations. Subsequently, I have felt more empowered to speak-up and ensure that I am given treatment based on my competency and work ethic rather than on my gender. Through speaking up, I have come to personally resolve the conflict I am facing regarding such empowerment issues. I further recognize that in these situations my identity as a feminist is highlighted. I further recognize that feminism reflects my identity, as well as the way society reflects upon me. In this way, my attention is drawn to the feminist notion of objectification. For feminists, objectification occurs in the media wherein women are depicted as objects rather than situated as people deserving of equal treatment. At the heart of the conflict, I believe, is not so much that I have been objectified by the media, but that I recognize that the media’s depiction of females is not always fair and equitable. I recognize that I must self-reflexively consider my position in the world despite what the media depicts. For instance, the media may be more active in depicting males in leadership positions or positions of competency.

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