comprehensive sustainability plan

comprehensive sustainability plan.

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2-what is an example of a comprehensive sustainability plan that you can put in your proposal?


in the current competitive business environment, writing a powerful proposal can give a business a competitive edge over its rivals. To achieve this, it is essential to follow seven steps to writing a winning proposal. The first step entails studying the project requirements in order to have an understanding of what is required. Secondly, one should understand the client’s preferences by understanding their tastes. The third step entails developing a methodology while the fourth, step entails evaluating the alternative solutions for the methodology in case the client is not satisfied with the original one. The fifth steps involve outshining competitors by designing the proposal to persuade the client. In the sixth step, one is required to assemble the collected information into a proposal while the seventh and final step entails reviewing the proposal to ensure it meets the set standards (Barringer, 2012). The fourth step is the most essential in my opinion because having alternatives gives the business a wide pool of options just in case the client disagrees with the company’s proposed methodology hence making the proposal efficient.

comprehensive sustainability plan

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