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Create an Research Paper, Resume, Cover Letter (MS WORD)
1. (75 Points) Create a research paper of at least 2 pages (max 3) in length using MS WORD in strict accordance with the format described in Word Chapter 2. The subject of the paper is to be any topic of your choosing related to political scince field of study. At the top left shall be your name, IT 109 and the due date. Only two (2) references are required, although 1 of the 2 used is to be a working hyperlink to actual information used (not to a menu page). Be sure the paper contains at least 1 footnote, has the proper header, and contains a separate Works Cited page.


**Note: This assignment requires a Research Paper, not an opinion piece. This requires information taken from the sources, and your opinion should not be included. You should not include any first person statements (references to yourself). Be sure to use spelling, punctuation and grammar appropriate to a 1st year college student. Each such error will be penalized 5 points.


2. For the cover letter, use the format described in Word Chapter 3 Assume you are applying for an internship in your academic major area. Be sure your cover letter contains a graphic letterhead as shown in the text (tailored for you with your name and graphic of your choice) and at least one 2 row table with some similar formatting. For the resume, you will use one of the templates available with Word. With Word open:


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