Computer sciences and Information technology Research Paper

Project description
Research Paper
The research paper must be a minimum of five pages double-spaced not including the title
page, abstract page and references page. The research paper will be due towards the end of
the semester. The foundation of a successful research paper is having a sufficiently focused
and developed research question. Early in the semester, you will develop and submit a
research question on a topic of your choosing for the instructor to review with you and
ultimately approve.
During the semester your will use your digital devices to assist you in collecting, evaluating,
synthesizing and utilizing information to help you present an answer to your research question
in the form of this research paper.
Per the standards set forth in Research Strategies, the rubric for achieving a high grade on
the research paper include excellent formatting and
A research question that shows insight
Thorough coverage and clear organization
Creative and high quality use of arguments
An excellent, high quality, and well-focused bibliography that includes academic journal
The absence of spelling and grammar errors

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