The office of the chief prosecutor is tasked with the responsibilities of conducting prosecutions within his jurisdiction. As an officer of the court, the prosecutor’s aim is to seek and administer justice. When cases of criminal incidents are reported to the prosecutor, his work is to ensure that he takes an action to remedy the injustices committed (Dressler, 2012).

The citizens of Virtual have been terrorized by the actions of a criminal gang known as the Very Bad Bike Club (VBBC) which is run by a man known as Robert Buddy Pole. Buddy Pole had been previously arrested by the Virtual Police Department on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine and is currently on parole. The chief of police, Clayton Moore has been conducting investigations on the 63 members of VBBC, and he is confident that he has gathered sufficient evidence to end the troublesome gang once and for all. 7 years ago, the chief had conducted a sweep that saw the arrest of 12 members of this gang. 3 years ago, he conducted a raid again on the members, but the cases failed to mature because the police had not brought sufficient evidence to my office.

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