Contemporary Christian Music

The purpose of my project was to determine the different feelings and attitudes towards Contemporary Christian music and traditional church music. Both of these genres have the same general purpose of praising and worshipping the lord. However, the general audiences and feelings resulting from this music are very different. To achieve this I interviewed members of The Bread of Life Church in Pine Bush and Most Precious Blood in Walden.
Both of these churches observe the Christian faith but thus ends the similarities. The Bread of Life Church is a more casual and friendly environment. Which explains why it contains many young families and teenage parishioners. Music is a vital portion of the mass and members are encouraged to perform. No set songs are consistently involved in the masses and they are not specific to season. It is also a newly established church that relied totally on people joining it. Most Precious Blood is a formal and traditional church composed mostly of older parishioners and families well established in the area. As in most churches of this type music plays a much more minor role in the mass. Many of the songs repeat at every mass you attend and are season specific. This church originates from the initial founding of the Town of Walden.
Traditional church music was written to inspire reverence and generally takes on a solemn tone. These songs were written in the days where worship was a duty and should not be enjoyed. The music of this type was basically a repetition of the Bible. Joshua, a thirteen year old from Most Precious Blood states “I don’t understand most of the words in the song all I know is that we sing with reverence.” When asked what he felt the purpose of the music is and how he felt singing it his answers were as I had suspected. He stated that the purpose was to make them remember how much praise God deserves. Joshua said he felt not much of anything when singing th…

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