Contrast Andragogy and Pedagogy.

Contrast Andragogy and Pedagogy..

Write one page for each question with a minimum of two (2) references of each question. 
1.    Contrast Andragogy and Pedagogy.

2.    Analyze Andragogy, as either a critic or a proponent. Discuss at least one of the 6 assumptions of Andragogy in your response.
3.    Select one of the four adult developmental perspectives (biological aging, psychological change, influence of sociocultural factors on development, or the integrative paradigm) and discuss why that is the best approach to understanding learning in adulthood.
4.    It is time to begin applying what you are learning from this course. Cognitive apprenticeships and anchored instructions are two means by which the concept of authentic experience has been practiced by educators. Describe how you could implement either one in your current position.
5.    Explain how the aging process impacts learning.
6.    Reflecting on the above topics, explain how your learning experiences will impact your role/job/leadership. (How will you apply this course?)

Contrast Andragogy and Pedagogy.

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