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COUNSELING INTERVENTION : 10 page research paper (not including Cover page and Reference Page) about a topic related to crisis (either acute or situational) counseling. The paper must examine the efficacy of counseling modalities for a particular crisis treatment. This means what research has been done that supports use of this intervention with this issue or population. Students should not make this paper about the issues or population presented but the TREATMENT of the issue. References MUST be from peer reviewed journal. Web references will not be accepted, nor will Wikipedia articles! References must be CURRENT and a minimum of 8 references must be used.These papers need to be typed, double-spaced, and follow APA style (see handout on Blackboard). Each individual paper needs to have a Reference page at the end. MATERIAL MUST BE APPROPRIATELY CITED IN THE PAPER. IF MATERIAL IS NOT QUOTED CORRECTLY THE PAPER WILL BE RETURNED AND NOT GRADED. EACH PAPER WILL BE SUBMITTED TO SAFEASSIGN TO ENSURE IT WAS NOT PLAGURIZED OR WAS NOT USED BY ANOTHER STUDENT.
2. Each paper should include (1) a clear statement of the topic being examined in the paper, (2) a discussion of the relevant literature for example what does current research say about your topic? (3) an examination of the any special issues a counselor working with this population would need to be aware of and (4) a discussion of the future direction(s) and/or areas needing additional research

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