Course Project Attached Files: 150 point rubric.xls (28.5 KB) HUMAN RESOURCES PROJECT – OL 07.doc (28 KB) You should be working on your final course…

Course Project

Attached Files:

  •  150 point rubric.xls  (28.5 KB)
  •  HUMAN RESOURCES PROJECT – OL 07.07.16.doc  (28 KB)

You should be working on your final course project throughout the course. It is designed to give you an opportunity to solve a real world HR problem related to human resource issues. Once you have read the attached project guidelines, if you have any questions or need assistance determining a topic for your project, please let me know. 

Download the attachments to see the grading rubric and guidelines for your final project.

DUE DATE: 2-2-2018 by 11:59pm

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