Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Health of Transgender Population.Download file to see previous pages… Transgender is referred as an umbrella term used to describe people of different gro

Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Health of Transgender Population.

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Transgender is referred as an umbrella term used to describe people of different groups which includes cross dressers, gender queer people, transsexual and others (De Sutter, 2001). In simple words, transgender is used to describe the individuals or groups who defying their gender based roles allocated by the society choose to alter, modify or change it in variety of ways. The term transgender is most commonly used, at present by the people who are uncomfortable with their assigned gender by birth, and deliberately change it. Trans is the short form of the term implying the same meaning and interpretation. However, the level of trans exists in a person may very while some being extreme and undertake medical surgeries to satisfy their needs, while other being at normal or average level who avoid undertaking medical surgeries. However, the identity of trans is not affected by the level, either trans undertake surgeries or not they shall always be recognized as trans but with no other terms. Female to male (FTM) and male to female are the descriptors that are generally used to describe trans people. However, some people prefer the terms transgender woman or man (same as FTM or MTF), because the terms projects and confirm their chosen character. However, affirmed female and affirmed male are also the terms used synonymously with FTM or MTF. While comparing trans people with non-trans people (mostly for medical terms) natal/bio female and natal/bio male are used to describe normal or non-trans people. It is important for medical practitioners to explicitly define their identity without any hesitation so that assumptions…

This paper stresses that the buttocks are much smaller in size as compared to the females. The buttocks are also considered as one sexually arousing part of the female body. In order to give the transgender man undergoing sexual reassignment surgical process, it is essential that they should under buttock augmentation as well. This is the enlargement process of the buttocks. If the patient has not past puberty, the first priority is the hormone therapy. However, in many cases, it might not work and the surgery is essential. The author talks that this surgery is the process in which a transgender individual undergoes a set of medical procedures, through which his or her gender is changed to the desired gender. There are some other common names present for the surgery as well, including the genital replacement surgery, sex affirmation surgery or the realignment if sexual orientation surgery.

This report makes a conclusion that the transgender men and women are now not easily distinguishable once they undergo the surgery. With the prosthetic or surgically created vagina, penis and breasts, along with the secondary male and female characteristics, these individuals enjoy the sexual life as much as the individuals born with that particular sex do. While there have been a number of advances in the transsexual gender reassignment surgery, there is still the lacking of the surgical inclusion of the male or female reproductive system. The transgender population can now have their desired sexual orientation, but the reproduction is still a lacking they might feel. As the technology remains to improve, it is possible that this could also be accomplished in the near future.

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