Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Managerial theories and behaviour or What are the building stones for a succesful manager.Download file to see previous pages… Thus, managers should be hi

Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Managerial theories and behaviour or What are the building stones for a succesful manager.

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Thus, managers should be highly capable of responding to various role expectations and behaviors for them to accomplish managerial effectiveness (MacMahon and Murphy, 1999). Change is a permanent feature of contemporary workplaces. The occurrence of change has become a great challenge for companies in achieving long-term success and survival, thus, the need for highly capable and competent managers. To efficiently and effectively select managers who are competent enough to face organizational issues can be one of the most important measures that a company can take in responding to changing environments. This may be carried out by continuously enhancing their skills and knowledge to keep up with the rapid pace of change (Martynov, 2010). Essentially, while organizations ensure that the most competent employees are recruited and trained, developmental efforts are constantly done to further enhance the effectiveness and overall quality of their managerial workforce. Managerial effectiveness has been described through various perspectives during the past years as many have attempted to generate a single definition for this concept. In the hotel industry, successful managers possess a wide range of skills together with specialized knowledge, all of which are directed towards accomplishing enterprise objectives. Various studies have reported that managers who work in the hotel industry should demonstrate an accommodating attitude and be aware of hospitality systems. completely understand service quality. be capable of evaluating the quality of work to continuously provide satisfactory services. be able to create a dynamic work environment. establish open and strong interpersonal communications with other organizational members. be capable of assessing situations and developing cost-effective strategies to increase profits. control ambiguous circumstances, and effectively manage operations (Soehanovic, Zougaj, Krizoman, and Glavica, 2000). Generally, hotel managers are expected to create favorable relationships with employees and guests while running productive operations and achieving organizational goals. The current study, therefore, focuses on the necessary skills and behaviors of managers in the hotel industry in order to accomplish managerial effectiveness and lead their businesses to success. The framework applied in the work of Chauhan, Dhar, and Pathak (2005), emphasizing managerial effectiveness through functional and personal effectiveness, will be used in the current research. Research Aims and Objectives Acknowledging the vital role that managers play in organizations, the current study aims to address the following objectives: 1. To understand managerial effectiveness and its impact on the entire organization. 2. To identify the most important skills and attributes that managers should possess in order to cope with various organizational concerns. 3. To examine the current managerial practices and behaviors in the hotel industry and their effects on organizational outcomes. Significance of the Study The hotel industry is faced with a variety of challenges that need to be effectively addressed to ensure the satisfaction of customers, retention of capable employees, and long-term success of the businesses.

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