Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Improving a Corporate Tool That Shifts Workload from UK Employees to Sourcing Centers in Emerging Economies.Download file to see previous pages… Another o

Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Improving a Corporate Tool That Shifts Workload from UK Employees to Sourcing Centers in Emerging Economies.

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Another of its many uses is to help with the investigating of existing third party agreements for internal and customer engagements. Most commonly they are used to source third party contracts&amp. agreements (Great Britain, 40, 2006).&nbsp. Methodology The current problem is discussed below. Hewlett-Packard is one of the leading IT firms worldwide, founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett &amp. Dave Packard. HP operates many markets within the technology sector including: PC, Laptops, Personal Printers, Industrial Printers, Storage, Networking, etc. HP has been recognized as a leading IT firm since its early days, however in recent times it has become scandal prone through various CEO changes and bad acquisitions. Since January 2010 until now HP has undergone 4 CEO changes from Mark Hurd (April 2005- August 2010) to Meg Whitman (September 2011 – Present), along with the 4 CEO changes came two major failed acquisitions for HP: Palm Inc. (2010) a struggling mobile phone provider was purchased for $1.2billion, 1 year later Palms Smart phones, tablets &amp.webOS devises where discontinued by HP (Information Resources Management Association, &amp. Khosrowpour, 55, 1997).&nbsp. About the Company and the problem Autonomy acquired for $11.1billion quickly turned out to be overvalued by ?8.8billion and this debt was written off by HP during the last fiscal year 2012.Following these changes HP has been seen as unstable and risky by investors and shareholders, this has reflected in HPs share price by plummeting over %50 in the last 5 years (Hewlett-Packard). Through these struggling times our Voice of the Workforce (VOW) a questionnaire about employees job satisfaction held annually by HP was better than expected but still left room for improvement. The latest VOW from July 2011 –…

This essay approves that the benefits of the tool are far much more than the weakness. Therefore, as discussed above, the new tool will increase the efficiency and effectiveness in the management of the turnaround times. This will happen through the following four critical Sourcecon successes. one, the request pipeline will be managed by the GC’s Delivery Assurance team. Two, the BP’s and stakeholders will receive automated notification in case there are any changes in status. This will enable them to timely correct the forms in case of any mistakes. Three, the requests will be automatically directed to the solution owners

This report makes a conclusion that to implement Sourcecon, one must first access the GP followed by BUs access. Through the procurement central home page, one will be able to access Sourcecon. Here, there will be detailed interface showing the key roles of the SourceCon requester, recipient assigning manager, recipient solution, GP Strategic Business, Partners/Go to market. In addition, one will be able to access the roles of the CDA. Thus, depending with the interest of the user, he/she will choose the most suitable role. After which, one will be able to access the SourceCon request form. It is this form that must be filled in. after submitting the request form. it is possible to see the submission response. In addition, one will receive any updates and notifications. Usually these are received through the request life cycle. The SourceCon information’s are confidential and cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person. This means that, there is no fear or call for alarm, unlike the NRTs.

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