Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Comparison of three learning theories.Download file to see previous pages… All these theories will be compared and contrasted as well so as to understand t

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Comparison of three learning theories.

Download file to see previous pages…

All these theories will be compared and contrasted as well so as to understand the similarities and differences. Social Cognitive Theory Social cognitive theory explains the acquisition of behavioral patterns by human beings. It is based on the idea that human beings learn by observing the behavior of other people around them. According to the social cognitive theory there are three factors that have an impact on behavior namely environment, person, and behavior. A person acquires knowledge when environment combines with personal characteristics and experience. A learner also evaluates new experiences through the past and prior experience help the learner understand the present experience. In short, it is through the interplay of environment, behavior and personality that an individual acquires knowledge. The social cognitive theory takes into account the personal factors of the learner therefore it is also used in personality development. All the three factors can be manipulated to bring a desired change in the behavior of a person. Social cognitive theory also emphasize on the emotional element of learning. A learner is more likely to learn from a source with which the learner feels emotionally attached (Bandura, 1994). Learning therefore is also dependent on perceived similarities between the model and the learner. The theory focuses on the environmental, personal, and behavioral factors in order to explain how human beings learn. Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory Vygotsky is a Russian psychologist who gave his theory of social development. He emphasizes the role of social interaction in the overall learning process of a person. He explained human development through social interaction and claimed that social learning through interaction is followed by development. The first stage of learning according to Vygotsky is social learning. The social development theory also include ‘the more knowledgeable other’ (MKO). This is a thing or a person that serves as a teacher for the learner as this MKO has skills superior to the learner. The theory also talks about ‘the zone of proximal development’ (ZPD) which is the difference between what the learner can do without help and what the learner can do with MKO. It is in this ZPD that a learner can acquire new knowledge. The main difference between social development theory and social cognition theory is that former argues that social interaction lead to cognitive development and the latter argues that learning takes place with the combination of environmental, personal and cognitive factors. Application of social development theory can be in schools where teachers should focus on open dialogue and should engage in discourse (Hausfather, 1996). It will be helpful because it is through social interaction that cognitive development can be achieved. Game Based Learning Game based learning theory focuses on learning through different activities and games. Learners gain knowledge by taking part in activities designed to challenge themselves thereby keeping their interest and involvement high. It is a relatively new theory that uses games and interesting techniques to help students learn difficult concept. The idea behind game based learning is to attract the attention of the learners and develop interest in order to facilitate learning.

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