Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Delivery Service in Houston.Download file to see previous pages… Most of the public services in the city of Houston are offered by the state government and

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Delivery Service in Houston.

Download file to see previous pages…

Most of the public services in the city of Houston are offered by the state government and funded through several governmental and private sources. The east side of Houston City is the least inhabited area of Houston and the area is served by the government with transport provided through trams and buses which are subsidized by the government (Rauscher 77). Another area is the Inner Loop East which is served with public transport. this section is characterized by several housing projects which have been initiated by private developers with the interest of providing housing to the city’s residents (Mech 43). Inner Loop South is another area in the city of Houston and this region consists of black and white population with the sector predominantly occupied by black population. Inner Loop West is another area in the city of Houston whereby most of the city’s people reside in, this section is mainly served by houses built using public funds (Leonard 94). The other remaining areas of the North and West sides of Houston are well developed in terms of infrastructure and this presents very few challenges in development. In most areas of Houston, the youth are excluded in the public programs and thus a major intervention program is to be designed to cater for the youth (Chung 56). Young people especially those loving in home care homes are very vulnerable in their pursuit for better lives as grown people. Youth Program in Houston The youth are among the most vulnerable people in the society today and the role they play in the society is extremely important. In the city of Houston, there are very many young people who live in foster homes. These children are of mixed race and gender but they do face the same challenges in the pursuit of living good lives. One of the biggest challenges that these children face is that of finding ways and means of fending for their daily needs. As a result, a Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) program was initiated to cater for the needs of these young people as they grow to become adults (Bales 88). This program focused on youths who were transitioning from state care homes into independent young people in the society. The program was based at the Houston Alumni and Youth Center (HAY) on the North side of Houston (Garrett 41). The program is to be funded from different sources including the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training administration. The program would also source funds from well known US grants groups and from private companies interested in training young people (Watson 60). In sourcing funds the program would also rely on sponsorships from large American Corporations like Chevron Texaco or Exxon Mobil which supports community based projects (Pearson 82). Since the program is community based with intentions of helping young people it is important for stakeholders in this project to conduct fundraising initiatives. The program is meant to benefit young people who have been abandoned or rescued and cared for in foster homes. As a result, several employees will be hired to take care of these children and these employees will include teachers, religious leaders, care givers and mentors (Brooks 45). All these people will be important in the educating these youths on different aspects of life and at the same time mentoring the youth on important issues in the life empowerment.

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