Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Is Religion The Controlled Manipulation Of Humanity’s Potential To Freely Enter A Relationship With The Transcendent.Download file to see previous pages… T

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Is Religion The Controlled Manipulation Of Humanity’s Potential To Freely Enter A Relationship With The Transcendent.

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This has in turn resulted into an establishment of transcendental diplomacy in many societies. It is worth pointing out that this type of diplomacy is not founded on ‘power’. As a result, the elements and compounds involved happen to be not a part of ‘power’. Through all the centuries, there exist some slight efforts to fully comprehend this subject matter (Thomas 264). In present time, human beings are yet to decide if they are ready to establish such type of transcendental diplomacy. It will be a long time since we are capable of approaching this end. In all probability, it will take certain individuals to get to this end who happen to have developed evolutionary changes towards such kind of thoughts. With such kind of high expectation, this might happen only if human beings succeed in embracing and taking advantage of science and technology. It is through this that they will be capable of bringing changes to their own body and mind. The result will be a strengthened transcendental attribute towards them, while been able to grow seeds of improved human beings. Besides, the subject matter has to correspond to the materialization of their expectations in the distant future. There is a belief among all religions that they will be able to achieve transcendental attributes while the messengers appointed while be able to achieve the fore mentioned goals. There has been an order of divine prophets, teachers, and guardians from Adam, Moses, and Jesus to Muhammad. Their presence in the present time is still felt and will continue till the end of time. Additionally, in different times and places, the achievements of their divine manifestations will be enhanced. These divine manifestations will happen to be apostles with divine sense of authority (Thomas 264). Consequently, all these religions will successively lean on the same procession towards transcendence and flawlessness. With many courses of human endeavors to conform within social laws and regulations, the efforts of these prophets and teachers happen to be more noticeable. The messenger (savior) of Christianity happens to be a perfect manifestation of all former religious thoughts and sophisticated inheritance of laws and regulations from previous religions. In the end this happens to be the turning point of this evolution. Disappointed through some wrongful commentaries and interpretations have been made by the so called religious scholars. The valuable commandments have been distorted to the extent that some preachers have been heard insinuating that religions have been decorated and distorted to the extent that if one was to go back a century he won’t be able to recognize his own religion. Christianity point of view to some problems happens to be consistent and integrated, with learned individuals tends to believe that accurate Christianity laws are similar to scientific laws and should stay unchangeable. It should be noted that these same laws were created on the same basis of humankind nature and thus should be compatible with all state and behavior of individuals (Thomas 264). Nonetheless, religious jurists tend to note on the fundamental principles of religions in a detailed manner. In addition, these notes have been the main reason behind the introduction of various decisions in religions and the reason behind their existing differences. Recent jurisprudential methods among various sections of Catholics and Protestants and the mode of reasoning of canon lawyers related to the above sects with regards to reasonability of their sources happen to be quite different.

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