Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Master’s Application Personal Statement.Download file to see previous pages… Then, I want to join an international banking or finance firm at the junior ma

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Master’s Application Personal Statement.

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Then, I want to join an international banking or finance firm at the junior management level. In addition, along with my education, I want to gain real life experience of business challenges. For this purpose, the best option is the Hult International Business School. I know very well that the school offers, as a part of its education, board-level training at Fortune 500 companies. This will provide me a chance to apply what I have learned in real work, and I will be getting a chance to work in a small team that focuses on solving a current business problem for a Fortune 500 company. Some world renowned companies that participate in these Action Projects are IBM, Philips, Duracell, Osram, FT, Pfizer, Xerox, and American Cancer Society. Evidently, working in these real-time projects for real-world companies will enhance my knowledge, practical skills and confidence. In addition, I have come to know that the school, from the very moment I join the school, will help me devise a career strategy that offers individual career counseling sessions, effective interviewing preparation, resume books, online resume resources, current work visa information and a Lifetime Career Management course. The Career Management Courses are helpful in resume writing, cover letter writing, job search strategies, interviewing techniques, salary negotiations, business etiquette, and communicating professional story. In order to achieve this end, I have started studying finance and business management. Also, I actively take part in various volunteering works. Moreover, I work par-time in a local accounting firm. Also, I read many business magazines ranging from Business and Economy, Business Barons, Business Today, and Dare. Despite this basic knowledge in finance and business management, I think I have to gain more knowledge about the latest trends in international business, and the latest tools of business management. In addition, real time experience in an international business firm will boost my confidence and my performance level. So, joining Hult offers me all these skills and opportunities at the same time. After this initial period, I want to reach the top management level of a finance firm that operates globally. Evidently, the Hult campus is one of the best opportunities to come to know about and also to come into contact with various international businesses. Some such events the school organizes for the students are local, national, and international career fairs, Hult alumni contacts, online career resources, career panels, and networking events. I am sure that my career ambition to become a top managerial person of an international business finance firm will become real with the education at Hult. This is because the education from Hult is internationally accredited and acknowledged. In addition, the course will give me in-depth knowledge along with practical experience in working in an international business firm. Evidently, this will boost my confidence and will present me as a potential candidate for any international finance or banking firm. So, I think joining Hult is the best option for me to fulfil my career ambitions.

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