Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses No Smoking on School Grounds.Download file to see previous pages… Although some people are against the implementation, total “restriction on smoking on s

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses No Smoking on School Grounds.

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Although some people are against the implementation, total “restriction on smoking on school groups” will be very effective in reducing the unpleasant effects of smoking. Why there should be no smoking on school grounds If a school allows smoking by students, teachers, or workers, people should advocate for change. There should be tough restrictions on smoking in schools and teachers have to smoke elsewhere and not schools. In many states, it is unlawful for children to buy cigarettes. No one should buy cigarettes for students or ask students to buy for them. If learners are allowed to smoke in schools, the chance of them start using other drugs is high. Cigarette smoking on school ground by teachers or other students can make other students start smoking. Once a student has started smoking, the bond between the student and other smokers affects his decision-making on whether to stop or continue doing it. The outcomes of many researches show that many adults who are smoking started the smoking habit in schools. Other students and school casual workers are the ones who influenced most of them to smoke. Smoking cigarette can make students start misusing other substances (American Cancer Society). Since schools have high populations, smoking on school ground leads to poor health for the ones smoking and the people around them. The number of first time smokers is augmenting daily, and many of them become habitual smokers. Some of them die because of diseases that are related to the behavior. They are risking their lives and the lives of those who are around them (American Cancer Society). Smoking on school grounds leads to poor performances in class. This is because teachers who smoke have been observed to use part of their times to smoke instead of teaching. The teachers also rush the lessons so that they can get time to smoke. Therefore, they spend a little time with students and fail to teach well. Additionally allowing smoking in schools can make students to spend more time in smoking instead of studying. For example, during break times they rush out to smoke instead of doing other helpful activities. Smoking also reduces the students’ concentration in class. Instead of listening to the teachers in class, the students long for break times so that they go out to smoke. For this reasons, “restriction on smoking on school grounds” should be helpful (Blatt 104). Another reason why there should be the restriction of smoking, in schools, is the increase in harmful behaviors in schools. Researches have proved that most students who smoke become rebellious in schools and some of these learners end up being expelled. Some students get suspension from schools due to misbehaving making them miss classes. thus, reducing their class performances. Students who smoke cigarettes mostly engage into fights and some of them even carry other dangerous drugs in schools risking other students’ lives. Cigarette smoking students also suffer from psychological illnesses and this contributes to poor performances in schools (American Cancer Society). Refutation Some researchers argue that the implementation of “no smoking on school ground” will not be effective because it will be hard to monitor everyone in the institutions (Jacobson 144). I disagree with them because if schools become increasingly aggressive in enforcing no-smoking rules, people will stop smoking on the school grounds.

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