Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Perceptual development.Download file to see previous pages… These individuals tend to outperform other individuals without autism in perceptual tasks. The

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Perceptual development.

Download file to see previous pages…

These individuals tend to outperform other individuals without autism in perceptual tasks. The author brings this conpcept into context with previous research in the same field and application of the relevant theory in the discussion of the issue. The previous research used by in the research to advance the current study includes the works of Kujala et al. 2005 and Appelbaum et al 1979. The theories used to advance the study include the theory of weak central coherence (WCC) advanced by Frith and Happe. The other theory used by the author involves enhanced perceptual functioning theory advanced by Mottron and Burack. These previous works used by the author in the study provides a good context for the development of the current research. The hypotheses used in the research make sense as the research has its foundation of previously existing theories and supported by previous research in the same area. The hypothesis use din the research follows from the introduction of the paper and is consistent all throughout the research. The sample size used in the research is an appropriate size as it involves a manageable number of individuals (Panneerselvam 2004). The final sample size is appropriate in concerning with the sample size. Although the age of the children in the sample or a control group lacks consideration, the comparison between the sample and the control group compares children of the same age for better results. The representation of the sample size is also lacking in terms of gender and geographical representation. The methods and procedures employed to answer the question posed are appropriate since they tend to provide the desired results. The study aims at establishing whether there is any significant enhancement in individuals with autism. The methods employed provide results based on this aspect. therefore, the methods are appropriate. These methods tend to touch on the aspects the question posed. The measures used in the research endeavor to address the desired measures in the study. The measures employed in this research try to measure the enhancement of perceptual processing of speech in individuals with autism. Therefore, the authors’ achieves the assumption of ascertaining this enhancement. The results of the research provide a clear understanding of the concept of the study. The results reflect on the tests applied and are consistent with other studies in the same field (Panneerselvam 2004). The results presented in a coherent manner that is understandable. The information presented in this section of the research tends to support the hypothesis of the research by providing outcome that is relevant to the issue. The hypothesis of this study is that individuals with autism have enhanced performance in perceptual tasks and especially in tasks where speech acts as stimuli. The results conversely show this enhancement in perceptual tasks, in individuals with autism compared to those with a typical drive towards central coherence. It is inherent, therefore, to note that the results of the study provide information that supports the study hypothesis. The results of the study are consistent, and the outcome of the methods employed follows a similar trend.

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